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    I am currently in TLV & expected in New York & Montreal next week. I am grateful for the comments on my recent EL AL vs BA dilemma.

    I have now booked BA Club TLV to LHR, overnight in London, then LCY to JFK, Montreal to Heathrow & for a later date, London to Tel Aviv. The cost was $ 2,800 round trip (yes, US dollars) , freeing up
    £ 370 and 37.500 miles from my previously booked BA miles CW from Montreal to London & I will earn 20,000 turbo miles & miles for the routes flown.

    If the ticket had originated in the UK, the BA website was
    quoting £ 4,922 (yes, UK pounds) for BA Club LHR to JFK & Montreal to Heathrow,

    I’m more than satisfied & will report back in due course.



    This is one of the reasons why many of us who live in the UK stack tickets from weird and wacky locations rather than flying direct from the UK. The cheapest UK originating tickets are also completely inflexible (even in J or F) whereas those originating outside the UK tend to have at least limited flexibility and are often fully flexible for a small change/refund fee.



    This is excellent value, and is typical of the exEUR pricing which can make BA extraordinarily cost-effective.



    Wow hold the news on the Euro crisis, Isreal has joined the EU, is that a BT scoop?


    I bought a return Club World ticket ex. Stockholm yesterday to Sydney (for Nov) and, to compare like currencies, my ticket cost £3,653 whereas the same flights from LHR only were priced at £4,185.



    Note that the shareholder discount (for those who held BA shares) can also be applied to exEUR fares.

    This can be particularly lucrative for SYD fares (although if you are indeed London based, the extra cost of the flight, risk of a missed connection/weather or other delay, possible requirement for an overnight in a hotel and the general hassle of it all has be bet set against the saving made).

    I would imagine the £600 saved is not dissimilar to the extra cost of a round trip to ARN (even in Y), one night in an airport hotel, and a cost applied for the “hassle/risk” involved.

    But it can (for now) deliver significant savings in some circumstances.



    VK, I tried the IAG website with the shareholder discount & it was the same figure. No discount applied.

    What amazed me was the variation if I had opted for the 07.00 departure from TLV to LHR … another US $ 800.



    VK — ‘ ( for now ) ? Do we need to read further into this ?



    I think Israel may not be included in the countries from which shareholder discount is valid, though works from an exEUR pricing perspective.


    You’re right, VK; a savings of ‘only’ £600 doesn’t make much sense if one was having to position oneself first to an exEUR city (Stockholm in this case) but as I needed to leave ex ARN (and return to ARN) anyway, it made for a reasonable airfare.




    Thai from Stockholm return is usually very competitive! Shortest way to SYD since it is only one stop! A little over 20 hours compared to 28/30 hours with BA!

    NOV in Business is about 35 000SEK (3000stg)
    NOV in their Premium Economy is about 18 000SEK (1400stg)

    From Scandinavia Thai have an altered service. They do not offer first class. As a result business class passengers sit in their first class seats and premium economy sit in their business class seats to BKK. If it’s one of their older B747-400s then the business class seats are their 1990s version, but more and more often it’s with Thai’s update flat seats! Either way you are always assured First class seats on ARN-BKK if you buy a business ticket!



    I have just come across something very fishy, a few days ago I checked on a BA Flight from Cairo-LHR out on Friday 3rd Oct and back on Mon 10th and the website quoted me (I cant remember the exact figure) but the fare was approx EGP900 plus approx EGP2400 in taxes, fuel surcharge etc etc and I have just checked now and the quote its showing is a fare of EGP1915 plus EGP1603 totalling EGP3518, so although the base fare went up the fees went down, how the heck is this possible?



    VK…sorry, you are wrong about shareholder discount applying to ex-Europe fares.

    Just booked an ex-Europe fare to South Africa. Checked on BA.Com and the shareholder website…same fare! It is better to book the main website fare as the shareholder booking is annotated as a ”discounted” fare. In the event of upgrades being needed, a ”shareholder” ticket is at the bottom of the list.



    That is rather strange Openfly as I have booked flights ex-BRU and received shareholder discount, I have now done this twice. If you wish to upgrade say from CW to F then usually the price is quite high on ex-EU and I don’t think you get the shareholder discount applied to that fare.

    Not sure what you mean by a shareholder being bottom of the list?

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