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    I’ve just bought O2 mobile broadband for my laptop, which obviously comes with a USB stick to create the connection. I’m amazed that they haven’t come up with technology to either make the sticks smaller, or at least make them a different shape so that they don’t stick (no pun intended) precariously out of the laptop.

    I’m constantly worried that mine will be bashed and broken by someone putting a bag down next to me when i’m working on a train. We can put a man on the moon (supposedly), but we can’t work out how to change the shape of a piece of plastic…



    I believe Nokia have announced a new netbook with a built-in modem/SIM card reader.



    Now you tell me 😉 I guess that’s all very well going forward, but not much use for the huge numbers of users with existing laptops without this functionality.



    Fujitsu and Sony I believe have models with built in 3g sim card capabilities that mean you dont need to use a USB dongle. Pretty simple to set up with supplied software. Any help, please post me a message.



    Also LG and Dell, many people they don’t know this, but if you remove the battery in those laptops then you will be able to see the slot for the sim.



    I bought a mobile router called a MIFi it is about the size of a credit card and about 10mm thick. It is officially only available from Three but you can buy them unlocked. It act s as a wireless router so more than 1 person can go online at the same time so you could keep this in your brief case or pocket and log on. You insert your sim in it and away you go. So your i phone and laptop and any other gizmos can all connect.

    Do a search for Huawei E5830, I paid about £ 70 unlocked.



    Thanks Travellator – sounds just whats needed especially when there are 3 of us figting for the sim card connection.



    Re my post about MiFi just reading in SundayTimes about having to use a special sim for the i Pad cos it will not take your normal 3G sim. The MiFi is an excellent way of getting round this. Your i Pad will simply recognise your MiFi !

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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