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    I would appreciate any recommendations for travel from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Hawaii in business or first class. I am thinking about a trip in October and wasn’t too sure of which airlines offer the most comfortable premium travel. There appears to be some good fares with Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines at the moment.

    I am aware of the recent BA sale with great fares to Hawaii but I’ve already booked my flight to the US.

    Thank you in advance.



    Delta appear to have their longhaul 767 on some flights with fully flat beds (or they did on sates I looked at a while back so don’t think anyone will beat this if you can find a flight operated by a 76W.



    AK ( ) is my favourite. Used them several times to LIH,Lihue, on Kaua’i.

    They go to all the main islands from LAX.

    Reliable, competitive, and their F cabin very comfortable, though not lie-flat.

    Alaska’s Boardroom Lounges are better than AA’s Admirals ; they have one at LAX, One World Sapphire will get you in. Decent beer on tap to start the day.



    Wasn’t aware of Alaska Airlines so that is worth knowing. So far AA appear to be the cheapest but wasn’t sure as to what type of product they use.



    From LAX, American uses the B757 with domestic First. It is a bit tight for the long flight..

    For comfort, United uses long-haul planes on most SFO-HNL flights. The ex.Continental B767-400ER service is a good choice for comfort.



    AA are replacing their 757s with A321s on LAX-HNL starting a couple of days ago, however beware that it’s with the same style of domestic first seats, it’s not the A321T which runs between JFK & LAX/SFO.



    Seen a very good fare with Hawaiian Airlines. Has anyone ever flown them?



    Flew AA from LAX to Maui back in May. Flew LHR/LAX in first on a BA A380 and then connected to AA “First Class” from LAX.

    The Flagship lounge at LAX was very nice, good showers, good selection of food and drink and as access was restricted to first and One world Emerald it was also very quiet.

    AA flight was on what felt like the oldest 757 in the sky. Old style domestic first seat i.e. wide economy seat with a bit more legroom. Food and drink was OK but typical pasta drenched in cheesy creamy sauce. Entertainment was one screen at the front of first class cabin, very poor.

    Return flight was shocking. No lounge at Maui (which wasn’t a big surprise), same old 757, same old seats and a VERY moody crew. It was a 10pm departure. Offered a tray of fresh fruit, a cookie and a bowl of warm nuts and one drink at which point lights were put out. Turned out that the food I had a 10pm was in fact breakfast and when I asked for something to eat before we landed i was told I had already eaten my food so could not have anything else. In fact even a cup of coffee was delivered with a big scowl.

    So avoid like the plague. A terrible service, terrible cabin, terrible food and terrible crew and not first class in any way other than price!



    I haven’t had the pleasure of flying this route however can confirm Alaskan is very highly thought of on this route (and most routes actually). If you get the opportunity and times/cost look suitable I’d say they would be a great option.



    Bath VIP – sorry, misspelt AK’s web address in my previous post. It’s

    Gold-2K’s comment on AA’s Flagship Lounge at LAX is right, but you need Emerald or Gold status to get in, unless you’re booked international in F. F to Hawaii won’t cut it.

    That means the regular Admiral’s lounge, which is pisspoor.

    Agree with conshaldow – Alaska offers good service all round, and I’m fairly sure you can earn or redeem Avios with them.

    Better yet , join Alaska Airmiles programme. I’ve booked CX and EK with them, plenty of availability, minimum taxes and fees.

    Unlike BAEC…



    Can anyone tell me what the seat pitch in F is on Alaska airlines? I’ve seen a very attractive price with them and wanted to check that the pitch was reasonable but they don’t seem to have this on their website. The flight would be in a 737-800.



    Just putting my tuppence in, but what about Virgin America? Aren’t they launched/have launched Hawaii service this year?



    Virgin are launching services in November which is too late for us. Rather annoying as we would have considered them.



    Re: seat pitch on Alaska, Bath_VIP. Not sure, but they’re plenty comfy. You could check on

    Usually only four rows up in F, no business or premium economy, and the mendicants in economy are kept firmly back there, behind the curtain.

    Crews always seem plenty chummy, too.

    cf Gold’s comments on AA, above.

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