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    Flight LAX to Las Vegas dep 0730 9th Jan 2011

    My first ever flight within the US l had no idea what to expect being a UK passenger. The flight was booked as part of a package for a stay in Vegas.

    A very early Karmel shuttle bus collected me at 5am and took me speedily to LAX, droped me of right at the US airways section, procedded inside and checked in. the agents were very helpful and guided me through the process, with the bag checked in boarding card in hand went through security, which was very quick.

    The US Airways terminal is well appointed with shops and eating places and l enjoyed looking around, the free coffee top ups were a delight (but then lm easily pleased) and l took my seat to wait for the call for boarding. when the cal did come onkly a handful of people moved, l waited just to make sure l was in the right place and asked the agent is this the right flight for Vegas, l was much surprised when he responded Yes Mr ***** it is and we are waiting for you !!.

    Not knowing what to expect l boarded and was absolutely stunned to see only 6 other passengers on this flight (bearing in mind lm from the UK, only flown BA and even then every flight is full) took my seat not that it mattered where l sat, to have the bext seat free is usually a bonus, to have a row free is unheard of, But to have all around you empty l couldnt get over this.

    Take off was amazing, a long run down the runway and pull back and we climbed like l hve never climbed before on any aircraft, we were very much up up and away and as LAX vanished into the clouds we went and the sun was shining.

    Drinks service was great, they came to you No trolly!!! and came back with your order, just ordered a coke, and normally you have one of those tiny cans, But not here! a full can of coke, with a plastic glass and ice and a slice of lime, and they offered more during the flight, l ended up with 3 cans and a cup of tea.

    The glorious weather provided a relatively smooth flight (some turbulance, but this was over the mountains) and before long we were flying over Las Vegas, hurtling down the runway all the famous hotels were on view from the window. landed early the passengers disembarked and went our own ways, l went to baggage reclaim awaited the flight number and sure enough up it came, the conveyor belt started, l waited, and waited and up appeared my suitcase, the only suitcase on the flight ! collected the case folowed the instructions for the transfer bus and already l was hooked on Sin City, it was home for the next 6 nights..

    My introduction to internal flights in the USA was here, and no matter what BA will never be the same again !!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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