Upcycling an A320

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    As it is the weekend …
    Kevin McCloud challenges three designers to turn one plane – an Airbus A320 – into hundreds of amazing new products in a giant upcycling experiment.

    Their task is to find a new use for every single piece of the plane, leaving only an empty hangar behind them.

    9pm Thurs 25th Channel 4


    What parts would you use?

    I guess options for the engines are limited, it is doubtful a Jet engine car would be road legal – unlike the Spitfire’s 27litre Merlin engine which was relocated into a car …



    They should have used the broken BA 747 in JNB!!


    Morning BigDog

    Shame you didn’t wait another 13 minutes before adding what would have been a great Friday (long weekend) topic to the forum.

    Still here’s my top 3 and still thinking

    1) The strip floor emergency lighting would be a perfect addition to my stairs. Thus alerting me to the dangers ahead when arriving home after a particularly long session in the local!
    2) I would also install a drop down IFE screen below my kitchen cabinets, along with an edited safety briefing (Chap that did the BD one is particularly soothing) to remind me of the dangers that await me whilst I blunder about cooking my dinner.
    3) I live in a cul de sac within a street where delivery men/taxis seem to have difficulty in following sequential numbers, so the little red light on top of the aircraft would be a perfect locating device on top of my roof , possibly need a pole extension, oh god you’ve got me overthinking this !! : ) I need a beacon !!


    I like your thinking canucklad

    My thoughts are

    1) Wing spars/stanchions supporting a laminated (cockpit) glass sheet to create a car port or cover for the log store.

    2) Use a wheel set to create a go-cart to enter the Goodwood festival downhill.

    3) The emergency slide is obviously tailor made for kids when attached to a tree

    4) My dentist could benefit from installing the pilot’s seat

    5) Kevin’s use of the engine cover front as a hot tub was genius – so I’ll have one of those.


    @ canucklad – 18/04/2014 09:11 GMT

    On the basis of your exploits, I would have thought that you would have been the obvious candidate to take away the Black Box recorder… !
    § : – )


    The old oven would help my wife’s cooking.

    The bar set to ensure white wine is served warm.

    Seat pocket in front of you to store used chewing gum.

    Curtains to the galley to draw when I am off duty.

    Call bell button that I can press regularly when I do not wish to be disturbed.


    You might be onto something AD

    I suppose I might be tempted if it was a BOGOF deal with the cvr chucked in. Alas now that my missus is now using her considerable recollection skills to nag some other bloke ,I could do with a device to make me recall the last hour of a Saturday night replacing my now ex beloved

    Oh,and as we approach the final derby of the season I should really bulk buy all the sick bags for my Hibs pals (fingers crossed )


    I’d want the overhead lockers which I’d install in the bedroom. I could then store all my magazines in there in safety rather than in neat piles next to my bed safe and sound from a Mrs. LP who seems to cull my growing pile with regular frequency.

    I mean, just because there’s an unread BT magazine from 2008 in the pile, doesn’t mean it will never get read!!!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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