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    I have, in the past, enjoyed this forum. When it runs well, it is informative, entertaining, sometimes surprising, and nearly always fun. Now, however, it is bitchy, snide, carping and rude. It went that way once before, everyone seemed to get over it and started being nice again, and now we are back there. In fact, it seems to have risen to new heights. There is an ongoing feud between certain members of this forum which appears to be making rational and pleasant discourse impossible even for the rest of us. This unpleasantness now seems to be spreading across threads, with accusations being made on the basis of posts on other threads, counter-accusations, repetitions of old bitchy posts, insults and more besides.

    I, for one, am sick of it.

    I take no sides, I cast no blame. I just don’t want to see it any more. So…

    Toodle-pip, everyone, and safe travels, wherever they may take you. I won’t be with you, though. I have had enough.



    Ian, sad to see you go, as your contributions have been valuable and interesting.

    Maybe you will feel differently in the future? I am sure everyone would be pleased to see you re-emerge.


    It has made some of the forums simply boring. I can’t be bothered reading through pages of accusatory and repetitive bitchfighting.


    What a shame, I am sorry to see you go Ian and hope you will change your mind. Have enjoyed your posts. But I understand why you are going.


    I agree with you Ian about some posters but I just ignore them and don’t let them spoil my enjoyment of the forum.

    Like DoS I enjoy your posts and especially the thought provoking ones which lead to interesting debate and comment, so I also hope you won’t go, but if you do that you’ll soon re-emerge.

    PS. If I get to HK this year hope we can still have a drink together?


    I have, in the past, walked away from this forum, and asked BT to remove my registration, so I completely understand. But I came back, because there are still some useful things, however, good manners are sometimes sadly lacking.

    The last straw for me, in my earlier incarnation, was being told in a lordly fashion that “anywhere worth visiting takes a long time to get through immigration”. Baloney. We should be working to give each other good advice, to highlight things that need to improve, and giving credit to those travel facilities that work well – not sneering at our fellow-posters.


    Hi Ian,

    Sorry to hear about your decision……I have to say that i’m 100% with LP on this…….

    I also agree with capetonianm, however I do have a guilty confession…..I sometimes find the sniding and sniping back and forth amusing …..primarily because some of the guilty posters claim to be leaders of industry yet act like spoit children….l 🙂

    I wish some of them would take a page out of my recently departed mums book…..the page headlined…….

    ” Sticks and stones “

    Anyway next time I have a drink at ” The White Stag” I shall remember your valuable contribuitions to the site!


    Aww Ian please dont go. I have learnt some people are just the way they are and there is no changing that. I dont think this forum would be the same without them and in someways keeps for active debate. Like i said before on another post you just have to accept some people are just complete tossers 🙁 xx


    Ian_from_HKG – Your point of view is correct, you are totally justified in your actions, but please don’t go.

    Perhaps a yellow card system from the moderator should be installed, on the grounds that Freedom of speech does not justify personal abuse.


    Well morning Ian – can I add my voice to please stay Mr!

    I value your opinions and I have no idea what’s happened but I can imagine!

    Hmmmm I did smile to myself rather wryly when I read one of the posts on here this morning though. No names, no pack drill, but you know who you are!


    Ian_from_HKG – 28/03/2013 05:50 GMT
    “Toodle-pip, everyone, and safe travels, wherever they may take you. I won’t be with you, though. I have had enough.”

    Echoing what has been said already Ian, and indeed I found myself in agreement with NIRscot on another thread who highlighted: “I keep on forgetting about the way this forum works and end up posting stuff about travel.”.

    Your posts seem to be informed, engaging in the conversation and interesting, hope you change your mind.

    If not, bon voyage for now.



    Ian you cannot let the negative minded people win. Your many contributions have been valuable and would be missed.

    There has been some real vitriol on this forum and sometimes people do need to be “corrected” about what is decent behavior, but generally, you can get real value from this site, and I have been helped many times from many posters, both regular ones and the occasional visitor.

    There can also be great laugh out loud humour here which can really help if you are having a tough day!


    Hmmmm I did smile to myself rather wryly when I read one of the posts on here this morning though. No names, no pack drill, but you know who you are!

    Me, no doubt. You can say it! I have broad shoulders, at least figuratively.


    I love your command of the French language Becky? 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 123 total)
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