Unlimited data on the move .. $149.99 for the unit and $9 per day

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  • MartynSinclair

    Has anyone used this or a similar unit. $149.99 for the unit and $9 per 24 hour use and no sim card. Can be used in over 100 countries..

    Can be used with up to 5 units.


    PS – no personal or commercial affiliation..


    Sorry, no, but it looks interesting. Curious how it works though as it depends on wifi, unless they have an arrangement with the telcom providers in each country.
    Let me know if you buy it and how it works.


    As a bit of a cynic, I can’t see the catch in this. If it works as stated it sounds like a great deal for someone who travels a lot outside Europe (as EU roaming more or less takes away the need if you’re in the EU zone).

    There is a ‘help me to choose’ section on the website and their breakpoint for purchase rather than renting comes in at just 2 trips, which seems rather low.

    Apart from the cost saving aspect, this does seem to be a more convenient solution than using local networks and having to register each time, and I suppose that would be a big plus for business travellers. If I were to be using it for business/banking, I’d want to know a bit more about data security.

    Although they state unlimited data, it does state that if you use more than 500mb in 24 hours, it will be throttled down to 2G. Whether that’s a problem or not I don’t know, not really having much knowledge of data speeds.


    “Although they state unlimited data, it does state that if you use more than 500mb in 24 hours, it will be throttled down to 2G”

    I saw that notice only on the refurbed model for half the price but not on the brand new model for $149.99

    I am also a cynic and wonder what I am missing.


    I have not seen this before but looks interesting. I googled reviews of the product – worth a read.


    I would like to mention a device that I sometimes travel with which may work well in conjunction with this internet device.

    It’s an IPTV box, I won’t mention the name in case that’s construed as advertising, which is roughly the size of a cigarette packet and loaded with a portal for access to a huge range of UK and international television channels.

    It relies on internet access either via Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection and as long as you plug it into a TV which has an HDMI connection as far as I’m aware it will work anywhere. I believe it needs a data speed of approximately 2 megabits although that is probably the lower end of the limit for good quality.

    I may be wrong but intuitively it seems to me that that it could be used in conjunction with the unit which is the topic of this thread. I haven’t used it in a hotel or on public Wi-Fi or internet service but I’ve used it in several private homes in five or six countries and it’s always worked.

    Just a thought for those of you who perhaps miss TV from ‘home’ wherever that might be.


    Martyn, I dont get the device?? Most people will get wifi in hotels or indeed in most upmarket establishments especially here in Asia… I have not gone into detail but if you are looking at using it to supplement your mobile data usage there are packages that your carrier will offer for specific travel!

    For instance my carrier in SG offers a data passport to every country for as little as $10 a month and its effectively roam as if home, so dont pay ny roaming data charges… I have no affiliation with the carrier its just a carrier realising that they need to manage the costs of their subscribers

    As for the IPTV device capetownianm I believe its an illegal device, I personally have no issue but I am sure some of you may well do so??


    I’m pretty much constantly on the move and a product that has come on the market that is just amazing is from the ‘three’ network. Their additional ‘Feel at home’ benefit.

    It is included in the majority of their SIM only plans which are from <£20 per month.

    Basically, you can use your phone in selected countries just as you do in the UK for no additional charge. This includes virtually unlimited data, making calls to UK numbers, receiving calls and sending SMS to UK numbers.

    It isn’t worldwide but covers 71 countries. The usual european ones plus many more including HK, Singapore, Brazil, OZ, NZ, Israel and the BIG benefit for me – the USA. You simply arrive at your destination, switch on global roaming and off you go.



    K1ngston :

    The device which has been stated as ‘illegal’ is called a Kodi box (which is not what I have) and selling them preloaded with a portal to allow streaming of sporting events and similar has been deemed illegal in the UK.

    It’s a bit of a grey area as it is not illegal to sell them without the software, but if the user downloads the software and watches certain material without paying, which is what the software allows, then he is breaking the law. I believe it mainly refers to sporting events, which are of no interest to me.

    I am strongly opposed to copyright theft/theft of intellectual material, but I have a moral dilemma here. I pay a UK TV licence fee, and although it is technically ‘illegal’ for me to watch, whilst I am out of the UK, the programmes I would be able to watch if I were in the UK, I resent the fact that there is no legal way for me to watch them whilst not in the UK, even by paying. As a matter of interest, I also pay a Sky subscription, and it is technically illegal to watch that if outside the UK – although millions of ex-pats do so.

    Therefore, whilst I might be watching ‘illegally’ if I’m outside the UK, I am not losing any sleep over it!


    Slightly off topic, but I was most distressed to lose my Sky TV. My sister upgraded to SKY Q and the multi room sub I had went.
    Swisscom TV gives me all the main ITV, BBC, 4 and 5 channels and I have DSTV in SA. I use a VPN which is great when out of Switzerland but what I desperately miss is the Rugby and Cricket, as there is little interest in Switzerland, so unless it’s on ITV or BBC etc I cannot watch it. It’s the first Ashes Test I’ve missed in about 50 years.

    What I cannot find is a good VPN to South Africa which would allow me to watch using my DSTV app. Anyone have any suggestions of a VPN that works into SA?




    You are right K1ngston, the need to buy data on the move is becoming less frequent, but as a back up for those car journeys on USA highways, or in airports where wifi is limited, or in a hotel where you have no status, it could come in handy.

    Certainly my UK carrier EE does not give unlimited data outside Europe.

    I do like rferguson’s post regarding three, feel at home..


    I use Mobdro app (several with same name online,only one is worthwhile) on my ‘phone and get the grand prix anywhere on wifi.
    Haven’t tried it yet on airline wifi nor watched other sports ‘though it gets any tv channel.
    Its probably illegal, then so was recording music on radio – most of us then bought the original!

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