United fails to honor Continental Accelerator miles

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    In late December, I booked a Continental flight on the United site. I purchased 2,000 “miles multiplier” (or whatever they call it) for the flight so I could reach Elite status.

    I did this because I’d seen a Continental airport kiosk display ads encouraging travelers to purchase Award Accelerator miles “to reach elite status more quickly.” (I have a photograph of this for any reporters who would like to include it in their story.)

    United (Diana Johnson, who in cowardice apparently responds to emails from an account that can not receive emails) is now denying me Elite status, saying that the miles I purchased do not apply to Elite status.

    In my opinion, United can’t have it both ways: either they own Continental and stand behind their advertising, or they don’t. In this case, they are claiming, “Oh, dear me, we didn’t really mean that.. “

    I could be charitable and credit this to merger chaos. But, I suspect it’s really just ineptitude and deceptive advertising by United.

    What amazes me is that United would be so short sighted as to jerk around a 400k traveler like me. It’s not that I don’t have a choice of airline to fly. And my choice will be a non-United carrier in the future.

    Why would a business spend millions and millions of dollars on advertising, and then negate it all by treating their FF so poorly?


    I would write the people that sort out advertising in the USA in the UK we have the ASA – Advertising Standards Authority. I am sure you have a case against them and make them think twice about this again. I would put in writing and send copies of the images as it taken more serious compared to emails make you look better, made sure you get it sent recoreded so you known it got there. It is to easy to say that you never got a email that every ones does it.


    tfield, I assume you’re writing this from the US.

    I fully sympathise with your plight, but unfortunately one pax more or less will not mean much to United / Continental so your threat will not really be heeded by them.

    What I would do is threaten them with a class action suit with a letter written by a lawyer. This is more effective and will likely frighten them into submission.

    Good luck!


    Yes, Lugano, I’m in the US. A lawyers letter is a good idea. Thanks. And, CB, I think I’ll take your approach and send them a certified letter with the details. Thanks!



    Let us know how you got on.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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