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    The worst first class experience of my life. The ticketing agent from united mis-spelled my fiance's middle name at the time of booking (spelled Lianne as LiaMne) so they made a huge fuss about it and changing the name. As we were about to miss our cut off time I asked for the manager to assist and was told that just because I booked a first class ticket it does not make me special and they were to busy to assist. I said the whole POINT of first class is that I am special and I paid dearly not have to deal with issues. They then refused to call the airline and made me rack up 45 minutes of roaming time to change the name and then miss the flight. After missing the flight the perfect part was the super rude unhelpful lady says with a laugh to me "guess Mr special is just Mr Normal". We then had to drive 6 hours to New York City to catch a business class flight the next day causing me to miss half the meetings i was flying to Italy for.

    On the plane the food was poor the service was slow. My seat did not recline all the way and TV system kept crashing. They moved my luggage around to add economy hand luggage above my seat and then moved my Jacket (It is the first time i have never been asked to have my Jacket hung up). End result is that i left the plane without my jacket. I made a request for the jacket at the airport an hour later because they bulked out my bag so it was not there when I arrived and had to get to several days later and was told to pick it up back in New York. The jacket had a prescription i needed it and a boarding pass BOTH with my name on it. The $2500.00 Armani jacket was not back in New York when we got back a week later and the overly rude staff informed me it was my fault for leaving the Jacket on the plane. It is basically theft when an expensive jacket is left in business class (I paid 10k for first class and am still trying to argue a refund to the business class fair) and is reported a hour later that has my name and phone number right on it.

    DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINES….Bloomberg was right with their cover last month the employees still just don't care

    Review courtesy of Seatplans.com. Original review by user cdnflyer can be found here


    I read reviews like this one and I really do wonder whether these are true or just a reincarnation of “Watch Out Beadles About”


    Indeed Martyn. What a calamity.

    Incorrect ticket-missed flight-poor service-bad food-broken seat-broken IFE-hand baggage issues-lost property (£2500!!).


    Then again United really is the pits of the travel world I believe. I always love a glance through http://www.untied.com (I see after 20 years United are still trying to close it down…).


    Just looked at the website. Makes the moaners on this Forum look like total amateurs… 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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