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  • LuganoPirate

    Lagos – Cotonou. About 8 mins. Plane didn’t even make it to cruising height!


    Papeete to moorea
    Sibu – Kuching


    Some very exotic places mentioned.. LP, Lagos to Cotonou yes please!


    Freetown Airport to Freetown City….either boat or helicopter …..which takes about 8 minutes……


    The shortest scheduled airline flight in the world is definitely with Loganair between Pierowall (WRY) and Papa Westray (PPW) in the Orkneys. From the deck of the yacht I was sitting on in Pierowall harbour, the flight lasted barely a couple of minutes as the stretch of water between the two is barely more than a kilometre or so. Loganair currently fly daily at £18 single, £21 return or £15 excursion return, bookable via FlyBe.com.

    @ SimonS1 – 06/10/2012 14:57 GMT

    Lydd to Le Touquet: Not still with British Air Ferries operating the old nose-loading car carrier…?!


    SXM (St Maarten) to SBH (St Barts) .. about 12 minutes.

    Having done this flight a number of times, it is also a rather scary landing for which pilots need special training.

    Check it out on You Tube.


    Port Harcourt to Benin City about 26mins

    I tend to stay off the roads where possible


    I believe that at one time you could fly from FIH (Kinshasa) to BZV (Brazzaville), about 25 km as the jet flies. I think it may have been Sabena that offered this ‘service’ en route from JNB to BRU.


    Luxembourg to Saarbrücken.

    Probably quicker on the bus!


    I haven’t taken it myself, but I believe the shortest transcontinental flight used to be from Gibraltar to Tangier and took 15 minutes

    My longest ever was a flight from JFK to HKG which should have taken just over 16 hours. There was a typhoon in HKG, and after circling for some time we were diverted to Manila. We were in the air about 18.5 hours (and presumably running on fumes at that point)


    My shortest flight:
    Vadodara (Baroda) to Ahmedabad in India in an Indian Airlines 737 aircraft. The distance is about 70 miles, and it took about 10 minutes. It seemed that the plane just took off and landed – it did not even climbed probably more than 10000 feet. It was a regular Delhi-Vadodara-Ahmedabad-Delhi flight about 20 years ago. Not sure if that sector is still flown.
    My longest flight:
    Los Angeles to Singapore via SQ 37. Amazing flight for about 17 hours. I ate and drank and watched movies and slept and ate and drank and slept and woke up to see the plane still flying.
    On a side note – I am also amazed that Singapore Airlines manage to serve a very high quality (5 star hotel standard fresh) breakfast after 15 hours of journey.


    Try Saint Maarten to Saba. Takes about 12 minutes and offers a spectacular landing and take-off from Saba, the shortest commercial airstrip.
    Done it a number of times and always enjoyed it.

    Check it out on youtube.com


    Once did a short hop from Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar on an Ethiopian Airlines 767. About 15 minutes if I recall.


    There used to be a Viscount service on Gibair from Gibraltar to Tangiers, took about 15mins, but greta views of the Rock from those massive windows

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)
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