UK General Election called for June 8, 2017 – travel implications

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  • Tom Otley

    Just announced – might affect a few travel plans….


    Such as?



    That was also my initial reaction, but I suppose some people may be planning a business trip around that time and want to delay so they can vote.

    There may also be those who decide to return to the UK to vote.

    My wife & I spent €500 to fly back to vote in the BREXIT referendum. Not saying which way we voted, but it was a waste of money:-)

    Tom Otley

    Apply for a postal vote

    You must apply in advance. Make sure your local Electoral Registration Office gets your application by 5pm, at least 11 working days before election day.


    And I’ve doubt, that if you’re flying between London and Scotland you’re going to have to be prepared to pay more for your flights as politicians pack their soap boxes and pack the cabin.
    I’m sure the outside whining of the engines will be cancelled out, by a total different form of whining inside the cabin.
    Oh, and remember the 3rd runway?


    Apply for a postal vote

    Or a proxy vote given to someone you trust.


    It affects me. I will be in a hotel in London on election night ahead of a meeting on the Friday. I like to stay up for election night but now I might have to sleep instead.


    +1 FaroFlyer, I watched that debacle unfold in real time, the time zone here in Asia conducive to watching the 3 main channels challenge themselves with exit polls and the nighttime banter…….

    I guess I will do the same on June 8th/9th as I have vague and distant interest now for the old mother country….


    I live in a very safe Tory seat, despite it being a huge UKIP target last time and probably the largest to vote leave in the UK. In the last General election evryone hardly dented the tory majority despite it being a new MP coming. I figure my vote will not make any difference so if it clashes with travel so be it, it will not affect me and i will not bother to do a postal vote. I am not an apathetic voter on national issues and usually set my travel around them. for local ones i dont care less. My council has always been run by a mix of the local farming Mafia from the rooms of the county club and the only time any change was is site came from a local pressure group that wiped out the 2 main parties but were so riven with internal fighting they were even worse.

    It’s funny, 3 generations of my family were involved in local politics across the country, including 3 mayors from both sides of the political spectrum and whilst i would love to be the 4th i hang my flag to no party and its an exercise in futility. I was threatened with arrest over local politics once. I came home to find the council had put a dog poo bin on the verge outside my house. A verge that I had maintained and under the land registry is no man’s land. about a week later i got a canvassing leaflet from the local councilor through the door. Boasting how he had got more bins in the area and asking for my vote. I saw red and marched round his home and threw the leaflet in his garden. Next thing I know Plod are at my door. I wrote to the councilor in no uncertain terms explaining why after 20+ years in the seat he should move on, and apologizing for my behavior as plod suggested. he wrote back telling me if i contacted him again he would lodge a harassment compliant.

    his name is on my list and if I wasn’t so busy i would probably, as FDOS quoted on another post, sail a gunboat up his drive fire off metaphorical 16 pounders in the form a very well-funded independent campaign to oust him.

    apologies for drifting off topic…


    Requesting a postal vote is very easy (did it last night) as I will be in the air 7th/ 8th June en route to Singapore. I normally enjoy the overnight coverage but will have to make do online, I guess.


    For what it’s worth, I will get a postal vote. Pleased to say that I will be in Auckland on election night so will be spared the pain of watching all the parties explain why it’s “been a good night for them” and rubbish for everyone else.

    BTW we are house hunting in NZ …. which may be a clue to how we feel about the Brexit vote! 🙁


    I thought our voting days in the UK were over but I’ve just learned that Mrs JH and I are entitled to vote in this election and the vote will be counted in the last constituency we lived in which was Windsor and Maidenhead.

    We won’t be voting for the current sitting MP!

    I would love to be able to attend and event and ask her how her plans for the future address the wishes of the 48% of people who voted to remain in the European Union but I doubt I’ll get the opportunity.


    JH “I would love to be able to attend and event and ask her how HER…” The sitting MP, where your vote will be counted,is Adam Afriyie who sounds suspiciously like a man!


    Observation rather than judgment, but I’ve made two trips on Virgin west coast this week.
    On the outbound, a well known Labour MP in First being quite loud and obnoxious, and on the inbound a well known Conservative MP in Standard being very quiet and discreet.
    I didn’t spot anybody sitting on the floor.


    The Rt Hon T. May is the MP for Maidenhead.
    Windsor & Maidenhead is the Unitary Council that straddles both parliamentary constituencies.
    Adam Afryie allegedly had leadership ambitions of his own, perhaps if there is the mother of all upsets he may make his move again!
    I’m based just to the east where our MP, who shall remain nameless, does like to bang on about Brexit rather a lot and seems to be somewhat unaware to the fact the majority of people in his constituency voted Remain!
    Once sat behind Tony Blair on a BMI flight from LHR to MME…

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