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    I have been on almost ten Turkish Airlines flights in the past two years and I am starting to see a pattern and that coroberated by the comments here and on other travel review sites, that is most TK flights are good, even excellent, but some go wrong, real wrong, and the flight attendants don’t know how to handle the resulting situation.

    I have come to prefer TK out of the many European carriers because they genuinely attempt to provide a clean plane with a human environment for travel–all while still trying to have good food. That is more than I get from most other airlines and WAY more than I get from any U.S.-based carrier.

    So I sound like an advocate, right? Well, in a way I am until the flight noted here. The following is the feedback I sent to TK about the flight:

    I was on flight 607 from IST to NBO on June 13-14 in seat 12D. The flight was extremely hot. Some of the passengers in rows and seats around me sought relief by moving to the few open seats in the back of the plane where it was less hot.

    I asked the flight attendants four times to reduce the temperature and they assured me they were doing what they could. I have an application on my phone that tells me the ambient temperature. It was above 103 degrees fahrenheit for over half of the flight. This is completely unacceptable!

    This made the red-eye flight into a night with no rest and requiring me to fan myself with the 737 safety guide. You really need to make this right for me and my fellow passengers in rows 10-14 where it was exceptionally hot.

    Despite the flight attendants saying they were doing something to fix the situation, there was no noticable improvement. Worse yet, they appeared to have little concern for the needs of the passengers who where dripping with sweat. Never once did they following up on the complaints or offer alternative solutions.

    I attempted to contact a gate agent in NBO but since we arrived at 2:25am there were none available. I am writing to you about this matter in hopes that you will redress this issue.

    I expect to hear from you about this before I fly again on June 21.

    As of the writing this (Jun 25th) I have yet to hear from Turkish Airlines. I have pictures documenting the experience if they choose to question my account of the events. I hope that they care enough to follow up on my customer service request. This experience has me questioning future flights on TK airlines.


    One has to question why would anyone in their right mind would choose to fly with this airline .Not to mention their dubious safety record!


    I sympathise with the original poster about the aircon, but things do go wrong from time to time and at 35k feet, the cabin crew are limited in what they can do to fix the issue!

    I think austline is being a bit unfair to suggest no-one in their right mind would choose to fly them.

    I have flown on TK 4 times in the past 6 months, including the 737-900, and have found them to be very consistant. The food is edible. The cabin service is efficient and the seats have been in generally good condition.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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