True Stories from Travel Agencies

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  • TimFitzgeraldTC

    There is also the stort of the Man United fans going to watch them play Deportivo La Coruna. They asked for flight to Santiago de Compostela. They obviosuly didn’t check the flight time part of the itinerary as they ended up in Santiago as the agent sent them to the wrong place.

    I also remember a manager at a Premium Card Product I was working at the time dealing with a complaint (she was new to travel). She pronounced Nice (Niece) as Nice (i.e that ice cream is Nice). Very embarassing.


    I am not a travel agent, but was once on a cruise when I got involved in a conversation with a guy in the bar, who asked me if I knew if the crew slept on board or not……….


    I was to meet a UK customer at his German plant, he told me to head for Ausfahrt (exit) and that it is signedposted on the motorway. I siad the factory is in Stuttgart, yes Ausfahrt in Stuttgart its signposted.

    Scary! I never told him differently and met him in Ausfahrt


    And on an Olympic airways flight JNB – NBO- ATH, this beautiful dumb Afrikaans brunette next to me, as Captain Kostas announces our approach into Nairobi some 4 hours after departure from Jan Smuts …..

    “Are we still in Serth Effrica?”

    “No, this is Kenya ….”

    “Yiss, but are we still in South Africa …..”

    So I showed her the map of Africa and the southern part of Europe in the IF magazine ….. and she ways to me ….. “Ag, so is this the whole world ….?”

    “No,” I said, “Have you heard of America?”

    “Yiss, but I think maybe it’s too small to show on here.”

    Dumb she was, but I let her take advantage of me on our night stop in Athens!


    I remember the story of the Scotland fans who drove to game in Germany……deciding to park up and go for a pub crawl, they secured the car and off they went to get bladdered,,,

    Waking up with a massive hangover, they asked one of the party where they had parked up…..

    His response….” Easy, i remember the name of the street, we’ll just jump in a taxi ”

    They all pile in the taxi and instruct the driver to take them to……

    “Einbahn strasse” !!! Priceless

    Some crackers above!


    I can’t remember where the poor woman landed, but it wasn’t her intended destination.


    10 days beach holiday in Phuket,Taiwan………mai peng..???


    I see that this is an old thread but I have a good one.
    An American woman arrives by plane (connection in Athens) to Paros island’s airport, heads straight to information and asks them how to go to the Eiffel Tower. She clearly thought that she was in Paris!!!

    When the information people understood what was going on (it took them a while) and explained to her where she was etc, she asked when’s the next train to Athens…

    That is all too much to take in BA4ever!

    As Greece appears to be the theme today, I will add my own little anecdote:

    Ferry from Athina with my BF (best friend)
    I lose her on ferry (she disembarks at Paros and I continue to Naxos)
    First hydro back to Paros
    Spend a week looking for her
    Find her
    Celebrate by being zipped across island on motorbicycle by her new BF (boyfriend) for night on tiles in Naoussa

    Toooo many memories…

    She is presently on DR/Haiti border working for a charity and has invited me out.


    So, do tell, how many people have you lost (and hopefully found) in your travels? 😉

    Kalispera BA4

    I must come across as a total nightmare to travel with. Perhaps they were trying to lose me? Anyways, I will never forget that moto journey over the hills of Paros 😉


    Kalispera Alexpo,
    I wouldn’t mind travelling with you. It would be an adventure, LOL!

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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