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  • K1ngston

    MartynSinclair – I don’t understand this?

    Border staff to monitor which/what picture screens.

    Am I missing something here?

    I know I have been ‘blocked in paradise’ far too long now, so maybe my brain is failing ……………..

    The egates are not really automatic…..they are operated by some Border Force person sat at a desk checking the passport photo to the person at the gate.

    I believe one operative can manage 8 gates (so 8 pictures on the screen). When there are not enough operatives then a section of gates has to be closed.

    This isn’t like the real egates in Dubai that work from ID card with retina or fingerprint.

    So frankly what is being said here that they are not really e gates at all but almost e gates…. And Martyn you question why I say that Heathrow is one of the most underwhelming airports in the world…. Term 5 as the newest and to some extent T2 should be ultra modern but they are not and make a mockery as I said of the term “Great” it aint, never was and probably never will be

    On point I have used proper egates in Singapore, Dubai, HKG, even dare i say the US with the ESTA process …. arriving off a long haul flight into T5 or indeed any other terminal (hasnot happened to me in T2) and you are met with a see of people being shepherded away from e gates and that is most infuriating……

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    MartynSinclair and SimonS1

    You cannot be serious?
    This is like some Benny Hill sketch!
    You mean there is no ‘matrix like APP’ that is comparing my photo e.g. ‘the distance between my eyes and the bridge of my nose’ taken by the e-gate ‘post’ camera in relation with my 9 year old (and many kgs ago) passport photo !
    Are you two pullin my plonker?

    Well knock me down wiv a fevver.

    Seriously, I used to have an Abu Dhabi e-gate card up until just a couple of years ago, and I know you guys in Dubai did not have that facility.
    I tried to use one day on arrival at DWC Maktoum Airport (from Doha) – the e-gate nearly blew a fuse -actually I am exaggerating – it merely said go to a desk, which gave me a good opportunity to joke with the locals (on Immigration) half in English half in Arabic on how and why they (in Dubai) hate people from Abu Dhabi.
    We have Residence Visas from ‘The UAE’ but AD and Dubai are like two different countries – AND THAT is even more so true today. They have completely separated.
    Anyway he just laughed with a salutary protest, stamped me in, and waived me on my way still laughing.


    You cannot be serious?
    This is like some Benny Hill sketch!

    Exactly. A lot of Heathrow is like a Benny Hill sketch to be honest.

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Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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