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    During my recent journey from New York to Mauritius stop over in Dubai , I came across an article in Middle East MAy/Jun’09 edition of Business Traveller. under Tried and Tested coloumn about Emirates Business Class. The whole article sounds more like a paid advertisement intead of Tried and Tested service. To an extent is it understandable one would not seek to annoy the local airlines and have any negative effect on revenues for the magazines, however, the level of praise is ir rational , so much so, even the sipporting pictures alongwith the article are of First Class and First Class suites instead of Bsuiness Class seating . There even accompanying picture of a Bar in the aeroplane which i doubt is os Bsuienss Class section. .

    Lounges – whilst there is no doubt the new lunge at T3 is much bigger and does have more coices of food and multiple drink stations, however, the reviewer would have noticed how long ques are formed to use the restroom faciltities and quite common to wait for upto 15 to 20 minutes .Duirng the morning hours connection it is not unusual to find it difficutl to even get a place to sit comfortably.

    The Flight – the reviewer talks about “Emirate’s award winning breakfast seletion” and “flight attendant will be there when you need help” . Just on this flight from NY , i managed to catch a good sleep of 8-9 hours and when breakfast was served, when i asked for cereal the flight attendant said” Sorry , we ae not able to locate it and immediaely followed by we ahev run out of it” . I asked for toasted bread but ws served untoasted bread. On enquiring the flight attendant insisted ” it is a toasted bread” .

    During one of the conversation with flight attendants during earlier trip i was told that the lay over time even for a ling haul flight like Dubai – New York is only 30 hours technically thogh in practical its only 24 hours and therefore they have a lot of fatigue to flight attendants.

    I am a frequent member of Emirates , have already taken more than dozen flights in the first six months of this year alone and generally the service is good and therefore i continue to use but the wirte up is too on sided .


    I tend to agree to some extent with the writer. Of late the service is scaled down or detoriarating in almost all the airlines – however the tried & tested reviews are actually getting more positive. It is good to have positive critiques, but room for improvement to be highligted. I could highlight quite a few review, the regular travellers will note anyway.


    Good to see that discerning travellers aren’t falling for EK’s spin or BT’s sycophancy.

    Business Traveller replies:

    Thank you for your posts. The review in question was published in the print issue of the Business Traveller Middle East edition last month, and is not available to view online. Having spoken to our colleagues, they have confirmed that the images of Emirates’ first class suite were published in error, and were in no way meant to mislead the reader.

    We will be publishing several new Emirates reviews on this site next week, which will be available via the link below. We welcome any comments on these reviews.


    I must confess that I too read the article on my way through Dubai and like others felt that the review was far from the reality (I was flying EK F class at the time) I was experiencing. If my memory serves me correctly other reports by the same reviewer were equally syruppy.


    So good to see Emirates getting some stick. I foolishly fell for their glossy advertising a couple of years ago and got ripped off on paying for a first class ticket. I travelled on a A330 and first class was like an old style business class with cradle seats, yes, in first class! Learned my lesson and have not flown EK since!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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