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    I am the first to confess I am a nightmare to travel with, like many I do it so often alone when I have my good lady with me I find the whole experience quite traumatic. Stop to look in the shops, choosing a book at the airport, have I seen the nearest toilets? For most of us getting from A-B even for holiday is a chore, my vacation starts when the shorts and flip flops are on after the unpacking.

    This week returning from Asia we are in Qatar Business on a busy flight in the two middle seats, I am watching a film my good lady dozed off a long time ago. She then wakes and staggers to the bathroom, several minutes later a gentlemen sits in her seat, you ok I ask. Yes I am going to go to sleep here, your wife came out of the bathroom, I entered and when I came out she is flat out asleep in my seat next to my sleeping wife.

    I decided to then go to sleep myself, and try and stay asleep until the shock for both ladies was over and done with.

    Happy weekend all.


    Thank you for a good Friday laugh! This has made me giggle!


    +1 I think we all can relate ….. LOL


    +1. Very funny.


    your great post has got several “careful” responses…here is another one!!!! …..again LOL


    Well, here is another careful reply….is your wife a bit dozy G&T?

    Have a great weekend too.


    icenspice: partners are NEVER dozy, but sometimes maybe enjoy a bit too much G&T?


    Great one G&T. Love it.

    I’ve never had that happen to me but I know exactly what you mean. Between us the rules are clear and understood. After security I head straight to the lounge while Mrs. LP goes round the shops. She buys nothing but has a moan about prices/quality/choice when she gets back. I pretend to listen whilst nodding my head in sympathy. Ah, the joys of married life 😉


    I hate to be the one to suggest this, Gin&Tonic but maybe your wife knew exactly what she was doing … 🙂


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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