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  • CaptainTurbosaur

    Hello everyone!
    We would like to ask you to help us by filling our questionnaire. We’re about to start a new app that can find a toilet in a foreign city, get you there and even allow you to pay.
    There are 9 short questions about using public toilets on your travels. It will help us a lot! Thank you and have a nice day!


    I would never use a public toilet anywhere!


    Lugano Pirate +1

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    I use McDonalds or KFC in emergency that are available in most tourists places when I am on vacation.


    Department stores.


    LuganoPirate – I get why you say that but sometimes you just don’t have a choice and having had a very challenging medical condition a few years ago, I can tell you that you lose any squeamishness about where you go *very* quickly.

    I think an App like this could be useful but I’d like to know a bit more about who “we” are, CaptainTurbosaur and whether you’re planning to charge for your App?



    I agree, sometimes when you gotta go, After using a customers factory toilet in India, 45c used by 500+ workers i have become pretty thick skinned. when you gotta go, you gotta go, sure i would use such an app.


    SteveScoots – my worst ever toilets have been in India – cannot even forget an experience on the station in Jodpur…. it returns when I think of having another visit there…


    I agree with what others say. I strenuously avoid public toilets anywhere. I normally try to find a hotel or restaurant and ask if I can use their facilities and will then have at least a drink or a snack. Sometimes I’ve walked into the lobby, looked around for a minute or so as if waiting for someone, and then walked off to find the loos. Never been challenged.

    I must admit that in extremis I have used McDonalds, a little unfair as I would never eat there, but as someone else said, when you gotta go …..

    Out in the countryside it’s easier but let’s spare the detail.


    Not sure I’d have it as an app, by the time it loads up, you’ve probably passed an establishment that you could use.
    Also totally agree that it might come up in handy for those with medical condition.

    Was doing the whole Scottish touristy thing with a cousin from Vancouver who suffered from crones, and the app definitely would have been handy, as we had to organise out adventures around about the close vicinity of toilets. Very frustrating , but opened my eyes to how lucky I was to have a pretty strong constitution and strong bladder.


    Crones is spelt Crohns…..


    I was watching Michael McIntyre’s show on Saturday evening and in the part where celebrities hand over their mobiles phones for a game called Send to All, Eammon Holmes handed his over and on it he had an app that does just what is being proposed. He has a bit of a prostate problem and it has been a godsend.

    It’s called ‘Toilet Finder’ and seems to cover the globe.


    An Italian radio show called La Zanzara on radio24 is collecting the info of the best public toilets around the world


    ….and I wonder how many of us remember Spike Milligan who got the first competition to find the “Best Public Toilet” off the ground. Ironically the first toilet winner was at Shepherds Bush very close to where I used to live many moons ago. Only he could done something like that


    Best toilet in the world …….Easy Peeasy !!

    Imagine the safari of all pub crawls, around the best that Edinburgh has to offer.

    Imagine copious amounts of Scottish Beer, English Gin, Russian Vodka, More Scottish Beers , A few drams of Scotland’s finest , Irelands finest, Vino from all corners of the commonwealth all slushing about in your bladder .

    Imagine the shouts of the “Nighthawk will be there in 5 minutes” , followed by a glug, glug, and then the trickle at a final attempt to empty your bladder!

    Imagine the lunacy of recreating Usain Bolt’s finest achievement at 2.00 am , your safari slushing away as you run, breathlessly breaking the tape with a demand for the “correct fare” …. Collective coming together of loose change and minutes later, everyone in your company is on board.

    Imagine, trundling away into the flickering streets, and every light lined up in a long row of glistening RED long into the dreich black night. And in between those RED lights other revellers frustrate your race to GREEN with their stupidity. “Surely they must know they need the correct change”
    It’s at that point , you grasp the reality that your dribble 15 minutes ago, just wasn’t enough !!!!

    Imagine your realization that those damn RED lights are breeding like over sexed chinchilla’s and your still in the city!!

    Imagine, momentarily the relive as you sense the bus accelerating into the darkness as you reach the city limits. Not long now your brain tries to convince your bladder..

    Imagine not thinking about Niagara Falls, the sound of the surf on a tropical beach, the babbling brook that streams its way through the village your desperate to get back too……or indeed try not thinking about that pesky dripping tap in your ….errr !!!!!

    Imagine your bus, now speeding along that country road, pinching at your bladder with every wallop of every pothole it encounters

    Imagine the despair, and loss of hope as it slows to make its needless Nighthawk diversion through the B road village even smaller than yours that no one ever gets off at, until ……..

    Imagine the sound ringing through the bus, as you push the button to request it to finally stop as you finally get within recognizable familiarity of your neighbourhood.

    Imagine the buses protracted deceleration , the even slower hydraulic sound of the opening doors and then your Usain Bolt to the nearest discreet bush !!

    And without doubt……that bush wins the best toilet in the world ……..every single time !!

    And at last imagine the walk home after your self-creating torrent , passing 2 more bus stops as you go, in the bleak immobilizing wind and rain of a Scottish winter, and all because you had to have just one more pint.

    As the festive season approaches, I look forward to meeting my old faithful friend yet again. And this year I’ll congratulate that bush with the accolade it so richly deserves !!!

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