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  • SimonRowberry

    Hi All,
    I’m off to Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia in a few months’ time. I have a number of pre-existing conditions They are all either actively being controlled by medication or, in the case of a heart attack it was in 2014 with no recurrence, and I had treatment for cancer some 4 years ago, which is now clear.
    Can anyone advise me an insurance company and/or broker where I might be able to get cover for this trip?
    To be honest, I am more concerned about cover for medical costs incurred through an accident (Heaven forfend) than the likelihood of hospitalisation etc resulting from my pre-existing conditions. However, as full cover as possible would be welcomed.
    I’d be really grateful for any advice.


    PS I meant to add that I qualify for the AMEX Platinum Travel Insurance cover theoretically. However, this requires, as I understand, that the whole of my trip was booked through AMEX. I did pay for my flights with AMEX, but booked directly with the airlines, and my hotels are all guaranteed with my AMEX. However, I don’t think that meets AMEX’s eligibility criteria for cover, irrespective of the next hurdle, which is the pre-existing condition issue….


    My understanding with the Amex Plat card cover is that cover is the travel/travel must be ex-UK and paid for using the Amex card. In the event of the airline or travel company not accepting the Amex card, you should phone Amex Insurance for approval. When junior Sinclair goes on his boyz holidays, invariably one of the party pays for the trip and a cost share exists, and the travel costs are not paid for via an Amex card. A quick call to Amex Ins has always resolved & validated the cover. I am not aware the trip needs to be booked through Amex travel.

    Just to throw a small curveball, my 2 previous post pandemic trips to Thailand I was forced, due to circumstances to buy Thailand (covid) travel insurance. My March trip I needed to claim for an injury when out running and I used the local AXA Travel policy, I was forced to buy as a condition of travel. Wow, the claim could not have been simpler.

    Whilst I had to pay for the treatment upfront, one of the hotel managers, liaised with Bumrungrad hospital and AXA, I saw a specialist the following morning, physio, medication etc along with invoices and medical certificates same day. Claim went in via email to AXA in BKK, hotel scanned all documents. Although it took 6 weeks for payment to my UK account, there was no need to call back to Amex insurance in Brighton, with all the faffing on the phone and the “we will get back to you”. Really worked well and was very easy. I will be buying the same Thailand local AXA insurance this week in preparation for my trip next week.


    1. Do speak to Amex to make sure you are clear about what you are covered for…

    2. If you have dual insurance for a trip, you may need inform AXA that you may have alternative cover

    3. You will need to make sure any local cover you buy includes all the countries you are visiting.

    4. For the sheer convenience factor, the local AXA policy worked for me…

    5. I am not sure about how disclosures on local Thailand policies are checked, but I guess as long as you disclose everything on the application form you will be ok.

    Happy to help further – I presume you still have my contact details…

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    I book my travel insurance with All Clear. They are a broker specialising in pre-existing conditions.

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    The Platinum card insurance has suffered many changes during the past 25 years that I have Heald the card. Initially all the benefits used to be available for just having the card. Over the years the travel insurance benefits have been whittled down from an excellent unmatched product to something barely in name. In later years the compensatory levels began to fall in some cases to half or less of the original amounts followed by availability of most benefits limited to the purchase of travel through the card except only medical and car rental protection available regardless. I also take note that the penultimate insurer AXA has been recently replaced by Chubb European Group SE / Inter Partner Assistance SA that may require fresh gleaning of T & C’s. It may be worthwhile to personally discuss your specific needs with available AMEX insurance channel.

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