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    I have read several horror stories about transferring at CDG, so would like some advice regarding I trip I am making next month.

    I will be arriving at Terminal 2F (CityJet, evening), and have 1hr 25mins to catch a flight to Singapore from Terminal 2E (Air France).

    The suggested route on the Air France website is via their Shuttle Buses, however is walking from one side to the other practical? What security/customs points will be involved if I do this?

    Any advice please from recent travelers?


    Les Hart

    Dear Les,

    Assuming you are travelling into CDG from the UK or Ireland (ie: a non-Schengen country), you will remain airside at the airport. Note though that most Citijet flights use bus transfers to the terminal building which will extend your transfer time.

    In terms of transfering from Terminal 2F to 2E, it may well be quicker to walk rather than catch the Air France shuttle bus – however you should check whether this would involve any extra security procedures. You should also be aware that according to the Official Airline Guide (OAG), the minimum connecting time for international connections within Terminal 2 is 1hr 30mins.

    Business Traveller


    Many thanks for the reply.

    The flight times were given by Air France when I booked the tickets, I thought the timings were a bit tight at the time.

    Is it it possible that Air France booking department are not completely aware of problems at CDG or possible delays in transit!!



    Hi there.

    I travelled AF, 12th -16th April, but only through from LHR to connect to Budapest. Making my own on line booking on the AF site, iw didnt go for the flight that had a mere 45 mins connection outwards, but i did an 1hr 10mins for the return.

    LHR was smooth for a change.
    AF & CDG was far from it!!!

    Arriving from LHR to a “Stand”, & being bussed off ,meant by the time we arrived in the Terminal 2E, we were an hr late. Further, its a hell of a sprint between terminals, up n down stairs across a connector link, but the worst is the slow Immigration & multiple security checks.

    On my return it was the same, stand & bus, then a mad dash across terminals. Its inefficient, slow moving in & out of the Schengen areas. Pasport control had one Officer for the whole of Terminal E when i arrived. Even for EU passport holders they had no gate open.
    I waited 25 minutes just to go through.

    if you want to have a coffee, rest up a little, & for a long haul flight they begin boarding about an hr before, then you should allow a minimum of 2 hrs.

    I certaionly will NOT stress myself again as this journey was with AF & the slow un-responsive CDG connections, its really poorly organised & slow. the staff throughout the airport, seem not to care or make any efforts when queues build up.

    I will in future use KLM & Schipol, least there Immigration Officers are professional Prompt & respond with Officers called out of the office when queues start, & the airport is so well desgined to have every terminal entrance from the centre of the “Star” like structure.

    I wish you luck, but if you could change for an earlier connection, i would do it. I would never anticipate getting a connection in under 1.5 hrs there, & certainly not a long haul. Its not how you would want to travel i am sure.

    I returned last eve…so its current.


    Same story here, I also have some bad experiences at CDG. I don’t know if you’re flying business class or have some kind of frequent flyer pass. In that case I guess it’s doable because they have special lines at the security check. If you don’t have any status to skip the economy line I agree with the other posts: try to get a connection that gives you more time…


    Flew from Southampton to Warsaw via T2 at CDG early July.
    Horror, taxi to stand takes forever, bus transfer to 2E and walk to 2F takes TIME, passport check relatively quick but security check in via narrow corridor with DOZENS of people. You have to bluff your way to the front and hope the security man lets you through (after scrutinizing the boarding pass first). On return we were just turned back to end of line as EVERYBODY was LATE. Plenty of time but still arrived at other gate hot and sweaty. If I can I will avoid CDG in future.
    For you it is perhaps better with a non Schengen transfer.
    Good luck


    If Air France stopped parking their jets in Belgium after landing at CDG this would help.
    Coming back from HKG and parked on REMOTE stand,even though gates where empty at the terminal !


    CDG is one of the worst place to transfer at… I don’ t know if it is because of that terminal that collapsed and was under re-construction or what but after landing, there is a 20mns “driving” on the tarmac, then parking, then riding one of these large, flat buses all the way around the terminals for another 20mns or so… ‘Nuff said that by the time you reach one terminal, there is no time to run for another connection. Give yourself at least 2hrs to connect at CDG, no matter what AF or the others tell you. 2hrs and a half or 3hrs is better, for peace of mind, especially for those who don’ t know how to navigate CDG.


    Hi all,

    i’ll be flying into CDG on Singapore Airlines at 0700, and will have a connection to Nice with EASYJET departing 0840.

    From what i know its a transfer between terminal 1 to 2. Does anyone have any idea if i can make it for the connection?
    I guess i would have to go thru normal arrival and check in at the departure terminal, as i have check-in baggage.

    any advise?

    many thanks!!

    I never had problems transferring in CDG.

    Maybe because I always have 2 to 3 hours between 2 flights. Maybe because i fly business, maybe because I am a AF elite plus FFP member. I had more chaotic transfers in US airports.

    For what i can tell, transferring from T2F from T2E is quicker if you don’t follow AF advices but just go toward the baggage claim area (i.e EXIT), go through passport control and exit as if Paris was your final destination. Then take the long corridor right in front of the baggage claim exit, then take the escalators to Terminal E departure. Time needed: less than 10 minutes.

    Security and new passport control processing time depends on your travelling class or your skyteam FFP status. At least there will be more security check lines than transferring the regular way.

    As for the SQ-easyjet transfer…good luck! even though there is a new automatic train between T1 and T2, allow at least 2.30 to 3 hours between each flight as easyjet is very strict on check-in closing time.

    Hope I was helpful.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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