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  • manxman123

    I don’t think you understand. He’s been issued with a fixed penalty notice and has not been tried and found guilty in any court. He should wait for the court summons (which I guarantee he won’t get) and pay then if he is really worried. Just ignore it!


    Ah, so just which laws and local by-laws am I going to choose to ignore next…? Personally, I don’t think that the current UK government has any democratic mandate other than from the gerrymandered electoral system. So why should I accept or obey any legislation enacted since May 2015 or pay taxes to it? Despite which, I do pay my taxes and I do continue to be a law-abiding citizen.

    One of the impositions of living in a civilised, orderly society and a part of the “social contract” of membership of that society is accepting the restrictions placed upon individual behaviour “for the common good”. I am mildly impressed that after decades of bureaucratic inertia and astonishing ineptitude, the Italian state and local authorities are now getting their act together to seek enforcement of fines. Who knows, Greece next?!

    You may not have realised you’d entered a restricted vehicles zone but a local offence was committed. I make sure that my TomTom is fully up to date whenever using it abroad – precisely to avoid this outcome. I would suggest that you pay the fine.


    MartynSinclair – not necessarily.

    A few years ago I amassed four speeding tickets in one ski trip’s car hire in France. Hertz send me the notifications, plus their charge for about 30 euros per ticket, for handling the paperwork.

    I called them, assuming that my card was about to be hit with the ticket bills, and got an injured: “Mais non, monsieur! This is France!” Turns out the car hire companies are only obliged to pass the name and address of the transgressor onto the authorities, and it is up to the authorities to take action against the aforesaid transgressor.

    They don’t bill the car hire companies.

    I heard nothing.


    I thought you could park wherever you want in Italy, including on the pavement! This is what I have done.


    AnthonnyDunn, + 1.

    We cannot pick and choose what if any laws we agree with/disagree with, nor will comply/not comply. Traffic rules and regulations are by their nature detrimental for some for the benefit of most. It is not a game to be won or lost, it is the law and if you can’t pay the fine, don’t do the crime. If you don’t agree with the law, lobby, cajole, object and demonstrate, but until it changes, obey it or accept the consequences.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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