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  • TomasReisinger

    Hello, more than half year ago we had incident in flight from TNR-IST. Unfortunately 50 min before landing came up unhappy incident when steward was walking in row between seats when lights was switch off. She was walking with hot water and she scalded my collegue chest. Chest was bare becasue he had open-necked shirt. Steward gave him ice bag, but water falled down and his t-shirt was total wet.
    So, we asked stewards for some t-shirt but they haven´t anything.
    Steward gave him salve Isosol and we applied ointment to chest and i left plane directly to airport place by stairs (it was 9 degree celsius) after arriving in wet shirt . These Isosol what steward gave him and he used every day to burnt places, how steward recommended to him. In burnt places after he used Isosol from TK steward was made scab. Scab was turned out after few days.
    He hasn´t looked for medical help because we used Isosol how was recommended by steward who has experiences with this.
    Btw. We pleased in plane for medical help after arriving, but it was recommended by steward that it is not dispensable and we have treat by Isosol. And the same steward recommended us to contact Turkish airlines in claim and apply for compensation. And for this case steward wrote our id too (he asked for name, mail,phone contact) that he will gave to you too. After that we tryed first to contact TK by normal form from their website. But in many answers, mails etc. (4 months writing together) they offer 5k miles to SQ FF. 5k miles for using is like 30 usd. So we still continue to speak with them. But speaking with normal mails finish and have not aswered more. After that he sent regular letter to CEO of TK about this thing. One time we have 1 call from anybody from his office and he said we will do all the best for you and asked if we will fly again with TK and that he will call back (but never ever). After that we had another flight with TK to CPT, bud nothing anywhere. At the moment nobody pick the phone up, nobody asnwer to regular letter, nobody answerd to mails? Have you got any experiences with TK about this or about complaints? What should we do? Any idea? Court? I do not know. We flown with TK in last year long-haul flights to Japan, Indonnesia, Vietnam, Madagascar, South Africe and they have no answers, no offers for loyalty clients? If you have any experiences or idea what should do more, please let me know.


    Firstly I hope your colleague is now better and not suffering.

    Hindsight is always a wonderful thing, but I would have taken pictures of the incident and of the burn. I would also have gone directly for medical help and perhaps ask for another passenger to agree to be a witness.

    You are now several months down the line with sadly only the cabin stewards details and more importantly no medical references.

    Sadly, I do not think you will get anywhere..


    TK should have a record of the incident, and there would have been witnesses to what happened, so I would certainly not suggest that you abandon this claim on the basis of lack of evidence. If you make enough fuss they will be obliged to look into their records.

    It isn’t clear from your report how serious your colleague’s injuries were, or if it left any scarring or permanent pain or other ill effects. If the answer is no, then I don’t think you’re going to get much out of them, but 5000 miles on the FFP is derisory, even if there was no permanent damage. If, and only if, there was permanent damage, then I would go to the next steps.

    There must be some recourse through the legal process in the country you live in. Even the threat of that may produce a further compensatory gesture. I would write to the country sales manager in your country, and to the CEO, and tell them exactly what you want as compensation, whether that be money, FF points, an upgrade, free flight … it is important to quantify what you want and to state why you feel you are entitled to it. I would suggest that you ask for more than you expect, since they will probably reduce whatever you ask for.

    Unfortunately though I am led to believe that TK don’t handle complaints well, and your case may provide further evidence of this being the case.

    As MartynS. said, hindsight is wonderful, but don’t assume that because you have no evidence, you will lose the claim.

    I hope this helps and I too hope he’s not suffering any ill effects.


    A tricky one. Neither country have the easiest of legal systems and trying to sue in Turkey could turn into an expensive nightmare.
    I guess the threat of legal action may work, but this would have a better impact if written by a Turkish lawyer direct to TK. Expect however to pay at least USD 100 for this and probably more.

    At the end you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. If there are scars you may have a better chance but this is always the problem in going against large companies, it will probably cost you an awful lot to pursue a court case, unless you can do deal with a lawyer on the compensation. no win – no fee.

    Personally speaking, if there’s no lasting damage I’d write it off. The amount of hassle and expense you’ll go through will likely be more than the compensation received.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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