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  • MartynSinclair

    Last night I was taken to a well know theme park in Orlando by a former employee (now retired and in their 80’s). It was a buffet – typical American style.

    My host explained that whilst there was a 50% discount benefit to the food (not alcohol) bill, BUT built into their retiree contracts, was that they MUST pay an 18% tip on the full bill before discount.

    What I found obscene was that the tip for full paying guests was discretionary, but for former employees it was compulsory.

    The bill came open, to cause further confusion, and for the 6 people, the tip for a buffet came to in excess of $60.

    Shame on the theme park for underpaying their servers….


    That’s disgraceful. In effect the discount for retiree’s is just 14%, hardly worth going.

    As a matter of principle an 18% tip to serve yourself at a buffet would keep me well away.


    I don’t usually tip if its a buffet but if I do it’s only on the drinks, not the meal.


    If I’m in a hotel for a reasonable amount of time – like several days, maybe a week, or more – then I employ a bit of psychology. I tip people I’m going to be seeing frequently (like a particular barman) or maybe a waiter designated to my part of the restaurant – quite generously to begin with.

    That pretty much assures I’ll get some decent service thereafter, but I don’t leave a tip every time. Frequently, perhaps, but not constantly. If you just tip generously every time, then they’ll take that as the status quo, that you’ll always tip irrespective of the service, but if they reckon that by going the extra mile they’ll persuade you to chuck another banknote onto the tray, they’ll do just that.

    Word gets around about tippers in hotels, believe me.

    Oh, and chambermaids: I always leave a decent tip under the pillow (where they’ll find it, not the bod who’s double-checking that you really haven’t had anything from the minibar) on departure day. I’ve worked in a hotel, and the poor chambermaids and cleaners really are at the bottom of the food chain and deserve better.

Viewing 4 posts - 121 through 124 (of 124 total)
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