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  • FDOS

    @openfly, thanks for correcting my typo.


    This year has felt like I have returned to my second home of spending time in airport lounges.

    One World – I hit my second highest-ever BA Tier Points amount close to three times this year’s GGL retain threshold. Most earnings on flights have been transatlantic or US transcon, plus three QR dual-legged returns. I was also greatly helped by a Las Vegas BA holiday in F on double Tier Points with a connection on the East Coast. That trip alone, where I also added in an additional transcon return to the East Coast for work, alone netted me about 80% of this year’s GGL retain threshold.

    SkyTeam – I also renewed my Flying Blue Platinum by a country mile. As I have been working in Atlanta since September, many flights have been on Delta Domestic, which does not get much in the way of XP. Had I pushed things, I wonder if I could have gotten Flying Blue Ultimate if I had stuck to the GGL retain threshold in the current year and then gone hard on AF or KLM tickets for transatlantic flights.

    Star Alliance – I’ll renew by Aegean Miles & Bonus Gold at Christmas without setting foot on Aegean, thanks to a couple of judicious routings on Air Canada and Swiss. I will at least try and get a Greece trip in, though, around Easter. It seems crazy to me that I only need to take 1.5 trips to renew my Star Gold.

    All in all, despite not flying until early March and then the past three months in the US replacing long-haul travel with US domestic, I have flown far too much. I said the same in 2019, mind you. I know I will not hit this volume next year as corporate travel is already taking a hit due to the economic downturn. If I hit my GGL, it will likely be through blowing a load of cash on leisure travel. I do, however, look forward to not having to set foot in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport with any such regularity as a present – bloody awful airport.


    @GreenScot. That’s an impressive amount of travel in a short time. I think though if you are US oriented in your travel you probably have much less of a problem. It’s if Asia has historically been a focus or significant component of your travel and that is still pretty difficult with countries closed and flights not flying. BA have only just reinstated a flight to Tokyo a month after Japan reopened its doors for example.


    My wife and I are now both Gold thanks to reduced thresholds but also due to the simply staggeringly inept BA IT systems.

    Avios flights re-booked into commercial fare buckets and producing tier points and avios. A First sector being credit twice. It has been very rewarding

    And it’s not limited to BA. IB have recently cancelled an avios flight and rebooked it in a commercial fare class for next year.


    [postquote quote=1245044]
    @TonyR – I would agree the US angle to my work has been the determiner. And whilst I have loved living and travelling in/to Asia, I realise it would have been an altogether different year had I not being doing what I do.


    I have been gold since 2012 and am loathe to lose it. My last flight before lock down in March 2020 got me to exactly 1,500 tier points so I retained gold up to mid 2021 and was then given two years additional status. My collection year started again on 6th June 2022. I have 880 points now and wont earn any more before the end of 2023 so wont benefit from the reduced threshold this year. I know I have 360 points coming in the first quarter of 2023 from work trips. So that leaves me needing 260. I was not aware of the tier points for holidays – I was planning a trip to the Canaries in late March which is 160 tier points RTN in Business Class so a holiday would give me 320 which is enough. The holidays prices actually look very good – around £1,150 per person for what looks a reasonable hotel all inclusive and including business class flights (the flights alone are usually around £500 pp business class). Still a long way to go to get Lifetime Gold (I’m at about 23,000 life time), that will be a nice thresholds to pass. I have just achieved lifetime platinum with Marriott which is very relieving.

    Midlands Traveller

    I’ve been BA Gold / OW Emerald for quite a long time. But I changed roles just before the pandemic hit which means that I am doing much more travel in Europe compared to more long haul in business class, mostly to the Far East and Middle East, previously.

    My collection year ends in January and I have 55 points for 2022. So my chances of retaining Gold are somewhat slim.

    Can’t say I will miss it. Apart from The Pier lounge in HKG which makes the First Class lounge at LHR look like a Wetherspoons.

    And I am just about to reach Frequent Traveller status with LH, which gives lounge access and that is the main benefit I find useful for these shorter trips.


    Well, I scraped it by the skin of my teeth. With the reduced points offer from BA, I reached the gold target with 15 points and 14 days to spare. So back to the First Wing for me when I’m over next in February. It will be a challenge to renew again in 2023 but I’ll enjoy a year of Gold benefits while I can. I do have a DC trip planned in May so that could be the one where I use some Avios to upgrade to First – a class I have not travelled in with BA since about 1995!

    From the sublime to the ridiculous next though – a trip on TAP economy on 30th December, from Accra to Sao Tome.


    Just a couple additional data pointa for the BAHols double TPs. Can’t remember when it ends off the top of my head but to save stress or worry for those taking the offer.

    Tier Points will award as per NORMAL rate within the normal time frames 3-5 days usually).

    Your bonus/ doubled up Tier Points will award, hopefully, 30 days after your Return flight.

    When they ran this promotion previously it was plagued by non awarding but all reports seem to indicate this isn’t the case this time round. That said he ready for a call to them or an email.

    If you were/ are relying on the double points to hit requalification and they don’t post in time don’t panic. Just as with normal awarding that doesn’t hit your account in time BA is used to this and have a process. Just be aware that it may trigger automated emails or letters saying you missed the requirement and have been downgraded to XYZ level. Upon contacting them about this your account will be noted for back office follow up and they’ll sort it all out ( hopefully sooner rather than later )

    Any retroactively credited TPs should award in line with the earning date. If you pass this and start a new year during that time & they end up crediting to your new earnings year then best practice is to keep your mouth shut, thank your lucky stars and hope no one notices ( unfortunately if this happens and it’s picked up later then BA is well within its right to remove them from current earning cycle, credit to last and just update your life time points balance).

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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