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    I try and travel using OW partners as I have the highest status on BA and therefore in Asia will tend to us MH or indeed CX.

    I have been travelling extensively recently with MH and I have used my OW Emerald number which is clearly displayed on all the tickets and have benefited from lounge access as well as all other perks.

    However I am not seeing any of the tier points added to my BA account, and when they do they are sporadic and make no sense! Is there a fair amount of time I should wait before pushing BA and asking what needs to be done?

    I did this recently and they told me with all the turmoil at MH it could take forever and potentially I may never see the tier points added …

    The reason for flying MH is for the tier points what recourse do I have to ensure these points are added to my account??

    When I have travelled CX or QR and indeed other partner airlines including AA I see them appear extremely quickly …. Thanks


    My partner & I flew several sectors on AA and one on US in early October. The AA tier points were added to our BAEC accounts within days, but after 4 weeks the US points were still missing.
    A call to the BAEC Gold line was promptly answered and explaining that I needed the points to renew Gold the staff member was very kind and he said that, despite other OW carrier’s points taking up to 6 weeks to show on your account, he’d make sure they’d be credited in time.
    Two days later I indeed had the points credited while now 9 weeks after the flight in question my partner’s still waiting for his.
    With US only having joined AA / OW fairly recently we were told there may be some teething problems with allocating the points correctly.
    Perseverance and a can do attitude by the right person in the BAEC may be needed. Good luck!


    I have noticed oddities with MH in the past – some flights are randomly deemed ineligible for Avios or tier points, whether by MH or BAEC I do not know.When I have pursued this direct with the BAEC Gold helpline, they have generally been very good and most issues have been sorted to my satisfaction.


    I fly QR from time to time and find the points and Avios land in my BAEC account very promptly.

    I have flown them 2 x F and 2 x J sectors since last Saturday, and all they have come through already.


    I just checked my LH Star Alliance account and realized that a credit is missing – here is the reason:

    Name not on passenger list
    Business Class, Z

    It was a LH flight operated by Air Canada. Strangely enough, I got credit for the MUC-TXL onward portion operated by LH and for the ZRH-YYZ flight over on AC. Never happened to me before….


    Does it not depend on whether or not there is an agreement on a particular sector, if the status points are included as part of the deal.
    i.e ..Even though it’s a MH aircraft, does it have a BA flight number ?


    canucklad thanks for your message, I was led to believe that makes no difference, BA do not fly from KL to Dhaka or indeed KL to Phnom Penh so it automatically assumes the OW status and Avios and tier points should be added as they are with AA in the US!

    Thank you everyone else I am heading back to the UK or QR next week I will call the BAEC whilst there to see what I can do… Merry Xmas to you all


    Always remember to check whether your ticket fare code is eligible to earn tier points/miles with your home FFP. Discounted Y does not earn to other FFP in most cases.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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