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    Dear Friends,

    I am Elite Member of THY frequent flyer programme Miles and Smiles.
    As per rules of programme I should collect 30.000 miles in first year and in case of any failure of it then 45.000 miles in 2 years period
    in order to keep my status as Elite (it is renewal of my status).

    Unfortunately first year of my membership I have failed to collect 30.000 miles but luckily I have collected 45.000 miles before 2 years period ended (it is about 2 or 3 months earlier) and THY Miles and Smiles programme renewed my Elite Membership status for another 2 year period which I am thankful for same.

    And then I have flown 3 more times with THY which is detailed below;

    25/09/2011 TK1889 IST – VIE 790 miles
    26/09/2011 OS0763 VIE – VAR 800 miles
    28/09/2011 TK1030 SOF – IST 1.000 miles

    all three flights realized after I have earned additional 2 years Elite
    Membership period and those flights and earned miles were been appeared as earned flight miles in my far it is ok..but I was looking for to see my status miles in my account which programme didnot add above flights in to my status miles which are needed
    to have either keep my status as it is or upgrade my status to Elite Plus programme..

    Then I’ve contacted THY Miles and Smiles call center who answered me that my status/card renewed in 3rd of november and those flights happened before renewal of card/membership and that’s why they have not been appeared as status miles but I have gained renewal right before above mentioned flights occured..

    The problem is they donot take consideration of achievement of requested miles to keep status, they only consider the ending of membership period which is not logic at all..and totally stealing your miles which doesnot look serious and customer friendly.. Worse than that tried to explain same but unfortunately they just explained me general rules (like a machine) couldn’t make/preffer any more comments and ask me to write my complaints by mail which I have done same on 25th of november and reminded 2 days ago but unfortunately THY Miles and Smiles officers keep their silent. Further than that have made my complaint yesterday to Star Alliance thanks god, they are so helpfull and they show me great concern and immediately act but suprizingly I have received a joke message from THY Miles and Smiles again (despite my messages explanations + complaints) explanation of general rules just says : u have to collect 30.000 miles in first year or 45.000 miles in second year which makes me feel fool..

    And I am so disappointed on below points :

    1- Call Center answers not logically and not satisfactory
    2- Nobody returns back after I made my approach in written
    at least I ve deserved an answer : we investigate and return back.
    3- If Call Center’s comments really correct, if THY consider the date of
    expiry of my membership for re-count my status miles then I have a
    serious question which I asked same with an example
    to them in may below mail as well which is :

    If I gain renewal, for example 1 year 6 months time of membership, then if airlines company donot counts my miles as status miles, why do I have to choose that airlines company for rest of that 6 months
    period and where is the benefit and advantage of being Loyal customer of that airlines company in that remained 6 months period ???

    just wanted to share my complaints with you..

    Best regards,

    Koray Yanik


    I just received an informative message from Turkish Airlines customer service who advised that, despite you have achieved required status miles for renewal of my Elite status in 2 years period (even before) , before starting of renewal period, all status miles erased and THY asking to collect with after starting of second period..

    Under this circumtances, it is ridiculous to keep flying with THY upon achivement of renewal miles. So if you fly often and if you cannot reach upgrade milage of your status then no need to be loyal customer of THY between the date you achieved renewal right till the end of your elite membership..

    Frequent flyers have to be aware of it.. This is unfair practise and THY is going to loose if this rule knwon by customers, but it is mot clearly stated in programmes rules.. Because they know this rule makes them to loose their often flyer customers..


    I have asked THY to submit Miles and Smiles Programme rules but start to think if they keep their silence then a customer forget it too.. Really mature and really professional.. Really start to think THY is customer friendly company ?? donot think so !!!! they are even not able to send their rules to customer…well done THY..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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