Things that I Hate in an Airport

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    This subject was discussed at various forum – I thought I will start a new thread.

    I have many pet hates about various airport facilities – but number 1 in my list is coin operated trolley. This is prevelant in most US airports and some European airports. At almost all Asian airports – these trolleys are free.

    Recently I travelled to Canada – normally I travel with only carry on bag as most of my business trip are only for 3-4 days – this time the trip was longer and I had one checked heavy luggage. After landing at Toronto airport, found that coin is required for trolley. Went to money exchange and they will provide only notes (minimum Can$20 on that day).

    This practice is absolutly rubbish for a visitor. How the airport authority assume that all visitors will have that country’s coin? Normally heavy luggages are carried by long distance travellers – many of them are tourist.

    How does airport gain by charging a doller or 50c? If this is must, it will be good to charge 1 or 2c extra from all travellers and that shall be included in airport tax, so that a new visitor to the country is not harrassed.

    I believe Western airports have lot to learn from Asian airports.
    (in this case – as I have 2 carry on plus jacket plus the checked luggage, I needed a trolley. After getting refusal from a few shops and I had no desire to find a coffee shop at arrival area after a 22 hours journey – opted for Can$10 porter).

    Any other pet hates on airports?


    I hate it when it states “boarding” on the monitor, or even “final call” and rush to the gate only to discover boarding hasn´t even started!! You will then usually be at an area where there are very limited facilities, shops, seating etc, and have no option but to wait! Also, pax who are not prepared for security and wait until they get there befotre they start to remove coats, belts etc. Frustrating when you are late for your flight.


    Agree with both but…
    All US airports I have been to, the Smart Carte machines take credit cards, also Carts are normally free for international arrivals as it is difficult to source coins overseas (even though US has kept $1 bill). I do not understand why Canada do this…
    When I arrive domestic and can check outside terminal before collecting bags, I scan for empty carts and often get one free. But you are right is is nickel and diming. Cover them in commercials and make it free.

    FirstClass you are on the money with both. I hate it when you are called from the lounge and then wait for ten – fifteen minutes while they close the reconcilliation. Normally it is all about standby and upgrade processing.
    Cure to people not prepared, warning sign to arrive prepared, no belts, no shoes, laptops out, kids out of strollers and liquids in bag, if passengers arrive at machine unprepared, send them back to the end of the line and point out notice. They will only do it once.
    Even worse pet hate, people check in and then wander off shopping, drinking in bar or sleep in lounge and miss flight, causing bags offload and everyone on plane delayed. I would impose a $500 penalty if you check in for flight with bags and then do not presnt yourself for boarding at gate by the time cut off time prescribed by airline. This has added benefit that it makes airline look dumb when they say it is boarding and it is not.


    There are good and bad points at nearly all airports wherever you are, Europe, US, Asia etc.I agree with Firstclass on both counts. LGW is one of the worst offenders of putting up “Final Call” or “Boarding” and when you get there its not. Although I do think that it depends on the type of people who generally use the airport that gives rise to this practice.

    As for people not being prepared, I also hate this and have always advocated a system of floor walkers who tell people to get themselves ready which saves time in the queue and ultimately improves their performance rate. This would also be helpful to those that don’t fly that often and those that just can’t be bothered.

    If the security staff are switched on they will sometimes get you through in front of another person if they are taking a time.


    I completely agree with ‘firstclasswannabe’

    I would also add that I hate it when boarding turns into a stampede with no order – this happens a lot with SAS who don’t bother to board by seat row or by Business / Gold card etc.

    Boarding didn’t use to be an issue but now that most people want to carry their baggage on the plane (because of baggage charges or having to wait 20 mins + for your baggage to arrive on the conveyor) – Overhead bin space is at a premium and their is a mad dash to fill the overheads with trolley bags before there is no space left.

    On the subject of time wasted waiting for luggage to be delivered, Manchester airport is often horrible – 20 minutes last week waiting for my bag from Copenhagen.


    TSA trailled a scheme with three lanes for security: Regular, Frequent Traveller and Families and others needing time. It was great. Frequent flyers whistled through and harassed parents with a stroller that would nto fold did not feel pressurized. Not seen it lately and no sign elsewhere. It is a great idea as is agents walking lines telling people to get ready, take off shoes and belts, liquids laptops etc as posted above. Seen this at JFK and LAX AA terminal and it is really effective.
    I hate Bags everywhere except T3 at LHR on AA. I do not know how they have done it but it is outstanding. Everywhere else is unpleasant as after long flight with jet lag one is at one’s most unreasonable .


    I hate it when the toilets are always busy in the morning, i also hate seeing a bar open at 04:00am to sell alcohol…but what i hate the most is the fact that im always pulled by customs with really bad manners…this really bothers me..because i work in security in lets say in unhealthy countries…i don’t need to return to some jobs worth woman who is full of bad manners…Newcastle airport customs lack manners….maybe they should join me for a week in my sort of employment im sure they’d be saying the words…Please and Thank you on a regular basis….Im just a simple man with simple values in a life based upon Victorian/Edwardian standards.


    Cost to park at LHR.




    First, overpriced squalour that is a BAA airport. 2nd, Any Foster designed airport with a shuttle train. Third, UK immigration queues.


    I think we have to cut BAA some slack; they have made some really good improvements with T5, T4 renovation and the forthcoming Central Area project.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and I doubt the major works will be completed before 2015 (including sorting out the T3 hellhole), but it’s clear BAA are trying to turn things around.


    I agree with your first point VK, LHR has improved. Biggest improvement was bulldozing T2. T4 was smartened up, T3 has had some refreshes and T5 is all new.
    However, I know it is fashionable for BA passengers to disparage T3 but I find the less arcane security, the shorter walks, the lack of need to use a train, the lack of satellite terminals and the very very fast baggage service very very pleasant. The four things I would fix in T3 are 1) redeveloping the greeting area which is confusing wiht the two exits and is laid out very badly (have to say I find T5 equally confusing and badly laid out to begin with with two places greeters/drivers may wait), 2) fix the lifts as there are hardly ever any times when they are all working, 3) redevlop the horrible departures entrance so you do not get soaked when it rains and most important fo all 4) Stop BA using 1970’s style bussing for their T3 flights. I know BA like bussing and have also been using it in T5 and I know some posters who work for the airports think it unreasonable to expect a gate ( and we then get into the space to expand LHR, shoudl not redevelop LHR but build a new one bit) but I still believe that using busses on a permanent basis is unacceptable at LHR in the 21st century.


    driving round teminals 1 to 3 bit at heathrow… NIGHTMARE, some toss pot usually in a beamer will always cut you up, every one breaks suddenly and u have to dive across 3 lanes to get to where you need i once even ended up in the taxi rank because i got lost!, t3 drop off area and speed humps all the peeps who get dropped offstand around in the road and take for ever to move, i done the trip lots and can never get it right drives me crazy … aagghhh!! 🙁



    Speed hump, never heard them called that – I like it 🙂

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