Things one does not expect to see when travelling.

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  • Charles-P

    Mentioned today to the concierge here my interest in classic cars, he made a phone call and this morning I was taken to see something I found astonishing.

    Lamborghini 350GT, dark blue, 3.5-litre all-aluminium alloy V12 engine. Less than 40,000 kilometers and looking like new. Owned by the same man for all its life, he uses it just a few times a year.
    Manufactured in 1965 and one of only around 120 ever built. This was the first car ever made by Lamborghini.

    What have others seen ?


    Walking into Casino Square in Monaco last summer, I was surprised to see a huge crowd around a vehicle parked outside the Casino.

    Turned out to be a Batmobile, registered on KSA plates. None of the other (very expensive!) wheels got a second glance.


    Looking for an Espada,anyone seen one recently?


    A few years ago I remember landing in South Africa with SAA. As we were making our way to the gate I looked out the window and a plane from an airline called One Time passed by. To this day I still think it is the craziest name for an airline. I don’t think they exist any more…..


    I remember the first time I landed at Don Muang airport in Bangkok and saw people playing golf between the runways – I couldn’t believe my eyes.


    One Time didn’t last long. Not a very inspiring name for an airline. I never flew them.

    There have been some other oddly named and unsuccessful attempts : Phoenix, Velvet Sky, African Star (I think.)


    I didn’t expect to sit next to someone from my school days on a flight back from Asia OR meeting up with a poster on this Forum who I went to school with…. nearly 40 years ago….


    I flew REK-LHR and chatted to the chap sitting on the other side of the aisle from me for an hour or so. He had no connections whatsoever with ZA, never even mentioned it, hadn’t been there.

    About 2 years later I was on a CPT JNB and glanced at the chap who sat down next to me, we chatted a bit later and we were both sure we’d met before. It took us a while to realise it was the same chap, now on an unexpected business trip to CPT.


    Far, far too many too mention …….ones that immediately popped in to my head….

    1) Surreal moment —The old Chinese guy, singing “’O sole mio” in his Gondola paddling along in a Macau casino…then again, everything in Macau is like Las Vegas on steroids, so really shouldn’t have been surprised.
    2) Barking mad moment —- Literally, just landed at Denpasar, watching the on-board camera located directly behind the nose wheel to see a rather large mutt appear chasing the tyres, to then disappear into the undergrowth !
    3) Alarmed moment —-First of the plane at the old T1 to be met by 2 automatic rifle toting armed guards , supplied by the Met, and then escorted all the way up to the WH Smiths , when I left my travelling companion , a then member of Gordon Browns cabinet !

    And Martyn I do believe Charles P ‘s excellent topic merits the Friday Fun thread for this week, I’ll come up with one for next week though !

    Oh and ditto Tramor01 … My first thought, F***k, with my slice I wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near their fairways, then I realised they way I hit my drive, it’s still likely to end up there, even though I’m teeing off at my local course here at the home of golf : )


    the old Chinese couple trying to steal the onboard crockery (it was plastic) and the ice cream (it melted), I was in fits of laughter next to them


    …… with my slice I wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near their fairways, then I realised they way I hit my drive, it’s still likely to end up there, even though I’m teeing off at my local course here at the home of golf : )

    What a vision, canucklad – next time I land at Bangkok I peer nervously out of the window only to see several golf balls bouncing off the airplane windows and wings… the mind boggles


    One of my personal favourites was on an AA flight from MSY-MIA where one of the fellow passengers happened to be a an London 2012 Olympics gold medalist (cannot remember the exact sport or what country he represented, but believe it was a Caribbean island country). Amazingly he was more than happy to pass his gold medal around the cabin, allowing us to all have a look and hold a piece of history. He was a lovely gent who was also happy to chat to us as well.


    This is not pleasant but definitely not what you expect to see.

    A male passenger standing near the wall by the toilet of the back galley of a 777 and proceeding to urinate against the wall. I happened to be there as he did. Initially, I was gobsmacked, in all my years of flying I had never seen this before. I then told him to stop and put it away, he ignored me and carried on. I then shouted and he seemed to come out of a daze. I think he must have been sleep walking or on medication, as he just stopped, zipped himself up and walked back to his seat and fell asleep. I was left to sort out the mess. Later he seemed totally oblivious to what had happened.


    That was an awful experience @handbag. I read your post just after reading about your comments on sleeping pills on the 17 hour flight thread and can’t help thinking there may be a connection. I avoid sleep meds like the plague.


    landing in India (Nagpur if i remember) and going to the hotel, an old colonial era building in the middle of the jungle and being met by guards in Circa 1940s british army uniforms complete with sten guns!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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