Theft from Checked Baggage

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  • Polly


    Sorry to hear about your camera loss and memories. Am amazed you didn’t grab the camera out of your bag before handing it over. You seem like an experienced traveller. The airlines are taking bags off folks more and more these days and loading them for free. We just have to take out what’s valuable now, can’t risk them going in the hold. We had to carry my OH laptop recently by hand. We even had a text pre flight from BA the other day at LHR offering to take our carry on off us. But as priority silver we got on early and held on to them.


    @ Canuck

    Not sure why your claim was denied.

    I have had luggage lost (by BA/EI).

    I claimed on my gold mastercard travel insurance for lost baggage and was paid out in full.

    They Insurer netted off the amount that BA/EI compensated me (it was a Statutory amount based on the KG weight of the bag) which would be reasonable.


    Hi Polly and SwissExPat
    It all happened so fast, I just had time to grab my passport out the side pocket. As I fly quite frequently on LCC’s around Europe, I now have a wee bag inside my carry on luggage containing my tablets and stuff I need on-board. Easily accessible when the tag waving person approaches.
    To clarify SwissExPat, the airline didn’t lose my luggage, the camera just didn’t make it as far as the bag : )
    The insurance company argued that I was negligent, because I’d allowed myself to be parted with my belongings. In the world of travel insurance the act of checking in your luggage is apparently an act of negligence. They argued their liability finished when I rendered control of my possessions to the airline.
    To say I was gobsmacked at the refusal is an understatement for you to decide. Especially when I know the same insurance company paid out more that £250’s to a friend who had money stolen from his shoes on a beach ,whilst he sunbathed.
    The value of the camera…a mere £120


    Years ago, when we were in the UK, our neighbours son got a holiday job as a baggage handler at BHX. He told us that some of the baggage handlers played a game of looking for bags on the same flight going to the same holiday hotel. They would open the cases and switch towels around, imagining what the owners would think when they sat round the pool and saw somebody with their towels.

    I don’t condone this, but I could see the funny side.


    Capetonian – I was asked just 2 weeks ago to turn on my laptop on a flight to the US. I have had one or 2 things disappear from checked luggage over the years, but mostly in airports where one might expect that to happen..a business friend and I, both identical build, had our jackets and trousers disappear in Miami, so at least we could identify the size of the culprit!!



    ‘ a business friend and I, both identical build, had our jackets and trousers disappear in Miami, so at least we could identify the size of the culprit!!’

    Under what circumstances did you both have the items disappear,?

    I think further explanation is required?


    I had to travel out to JNB recently with two large (F2.8 80-200 and F5.6 150-500) lenses in my suitcase as they simply wouldn’t fit in my camera bag.

    My Samsonite is an old (20 years or so) Samsonite hard-shell, with a combination lock that pre-dates TSA requirements (though I’m sure it’s still easy to open). But it looks shabby, battered and old, because it is.

    On the way back I found a way of getting the lenses into another carry-on bag and shoved my MacBook into the Samsonite. I was asked at check-in if I had a laptop in the bag and confirmed I did, but added that it was broken (which it was – refused to boot up properly, although I know the reason why and can fix it). The nice lady was concerned that t might be nicked, and I just shrugged – an eght year-old MacBook that doesn’t work and which I’m going to replace anyway. I was surprised that she let it lie in the bag, though – I thought the danger was the batteries, whether or not the macine works?

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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