Theft From Baggage at Munich (LH Business Class)

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  • SimonRowberry

    Hey ho.

    Some of you may remember that I had my bag broken into in November, flying WAW – MUC – LHR in LH business class. A sleeve of cigarettes was stolen using a TSA key. I suspected that the theft happened at WAW. How wrong I was….
    Just arrived at LHR having flown HEL – MUC – LHR in LH Business. Guess what – my bag was again broken into and a sleeve of cigs was stolen. Ergo, the common denominator is MUC.
    Have spoken to LH Customer Relations. Like they give a monkey’s…..but they are clearly employing thieves.
    This time I didn’t lock my bag, thinking that they may think there’s nothing worth thieving..and they could use a TAA key anyway.
    Utterly racked off – bag broken into two out of three trips via MUC in LH Business. And they may also have looked inside my bag on the other trip, but there was nothing worth stealing on that leg.
    Has anyone any thoughts on how I can accelerate my complaint? Great on board service is pointless if they are employing thieves.
    Very, very PO’d.


    I’d be careful, Simon, correlation does not confirm causation and the airline might use this as a defence or brush off -can you be sure it was taken at MUC?

    The airline should be responsible for the safety of your baggage, but if it was unlocked, it might be a little tricky.

    Nonetheless, it is wrong and you have my sympathy.

    Last year, I arrived at Liverpool and my case had been opened (though nothing was missing) – special branch were helpful in witnessing me opening and searching it – they even x-rayed the case to make sure nothing had been put in a concealed area, so that I was safe from inadvertent smuggling or being intercepted after leaving the airport, so crims could reclaim what they had hidden.


    I would say that LHR was also a common denominator


    Approx 10-11 years ago I was in my office when my phone rang. It was a Canadian agent in Toronto trying to identify the owner of a bag that had arrived with no label in Toronto. Some printed email in the bag had my name and phone number on it so they called me.

    ‘Did I know a Mr X,Y”…. who wrote me the email. I did.

    2 weeks earlier I had travelled ZRH to LCY with Swiss with Mr X,Y. He checked in a bag which contained a laptop. At LCY the bag never appeared.

    He claimed through his Company (he was emplyoyed by a large swiss insurer so the claim was handeled in house)

    Eventually we found out the following from the Swiss police. A mafia group had somehow infected the baggage system in Zurich and routinely baggage was searched and stolen from, the labels removed and then dropped into the hold of a random long haul aircraft.

    He eventually go the bag back from Air Canada but, of course, not the laptop!


    Very unfortunate, but I’d also be more inclined to think LHR Simon. Also unlikely to be LH’s fault directly as they likely sub-contract to a third party baggage handler probably employed by the airport. I’ve now bought a roll of coloured industrial cling film (much thicker than the kitchen stuff), 40cm wide, 250 metres length which cost about € 12, and I wrap my bags at home. Touch wood never had a problem. They also do this for you at Milan and some other airports and charge € 10.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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