The rip off Buffet Breakfast deal

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    Whilst some hotels are crying of falling occupancies these days, they sure know how to make up some of the shortfall in revenue from those who are staying with them.

    As much as I enjoyed my recent stay at the Conrad in Singapore, they gouge you on the buffet breakfast prices. A wonderful array of breakfast items of course as you would expect in Asia but at a price. SG$45 per person, including service and tax !! That’s close to 20 Pounds or Euros. 22.

    And, be prepared for the hoardes of local children all demanding attention from their uninterested parents. (made myself clear?) It’s bedlam on a weekend when the locals try to outdo each other with the amount of food they can pile on each plate. Then of course, typically, leave half or more uneaten.

    Singapore has become an expensive city to visit with very little of the reasonably priced reputation of the past. Security, efficiency and cleanliness come at a price. Just avoid the weekends.



    But try staying at LHR if yr rate for breakfast not included. Its average 3 * around £15, but for Hilton T4, Sofitels etc, its £25-£30!

    Even worse in Amsterdam, you have to add on yr city tax, as well as the Euros 24 + for breakfast. Stay 4 nights, & at good offer times, if you went to the local Dutch Cafe on the Canal instead, you could have stayed an extra night at the hotel!

    Then there is the internet for Euros 20+ in each hotel!!

    Hotels need to concentrate less on rates & more about te unreasonable extra charges they try to fool us with.

    I either book rates that include breakfast, or upgrade to the Club floor where its complimentary, or take it locally, wherever in the world i am.


    Gentlemen, may I recommed the Park at Clarke Quay the next time you visit Singapore?B’fast is included in the tariff and it is a decent spread; you won’t starve. Alternatively, Singapore is full of restaurants and the sheer variety makes “Rip Off Britain” look very much like the now dull, staid, and backward (not to mention overpriced) destination it has become.


    What a bargain: try the Intercontinental in Paris. It’s easy to spend 50 Euros on breakfast. I recommend the supermarket around the corner!


    It is a shame that most of the buffet breakfasts around the world are priced as though the consumer is going to eat everything in sight. Yes there are a few people that will and those that leave food having taken it for the sake of it, it is a buffet why not go back?

    Its not just the price that is a rip off but sometimes the quality and selection, such as watery sausages or ones that are suitable for vegitarians because they don’t contain any meat! If the price of the room includes breakfast all well and good.

    Sometimes you don’t always want the full cooked breakfast and the continental option is possibly only a few pounds, dollars or euro’s less than the cooked version. I recently stayed at the Crowne Plaza at Alice Springs, Austrailia where there was a bakery selection which was ideal if you just wanted toast or a danish/muffin and a juice and drink. A continental with all the above plus cerial and fruit and then the full breakfast including cooked. All seperately priced, I can’t say I have seen that anywhere else but it did seem a fair way of pricing.


    No excuse in Singapore to rely on the hotel buffet unless it is included in the price or a package unless you feel like it. A short walk from most hotels in Singapore will be a multitude of fantastic eateries to enjoy a tasty alternative breakfast. Can’t accept any negative comments from adults about children as we were all children at some time or other and I bet we would have been just as bad let loose on an unlimted buffet perhaps even worse! Singapore is a friendly place for children and many families enjoy a fun-packed holiday there.


    I often “eat out” when I am looking to get a better deal at breakfast time; many corporate rates throw in brekky for free anyway.

    Where no breakfast is provided in the rate, I will often seek out a Four Seasons or similar standard boutique property as an inexpensive way of sampling the restaurant, service standards and ambiance of a hotel for future reference, without the initial expensive outlay of staying there.


    i stayed at the westin in berlin recently and they charged 37 EURO for breakfast, i nearly fell over as my room was just over 100 EURO, shocking. i like the westin but never again there, total rip off


    Won’t hear a bad word about Singapore…you get what you pay for and I think it is pretty perfect.

    As well as all the usual culprits such as Paris Londn and Tokyo and Seoul suggest you try the Intercontinental in Sydney. A single bacon sandwich for a child in the club lounge (best view int the world) came in at £18 or £9 a slice for the bacon…think the bread may have been free. And that was when the exchange rate was over 2 to the pound….

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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