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    Skytrax have revealed the results on the best airlines in the world. It has come to my attention that the top ten is dominated by Star Alliance airlines followed by other airlines that aren’t in an alliance at all such as Qatar Airways and Emirates. But what what really has me wondering is the fact that there isn’t one Skyteam airlines in there. What gives?


    I am a bit surprised by the position of Turkish Airlines.


    What gives???……..

    Not much is the short answer.

    This is a web site that places Turkish, BA and Garduda all as 4 star carriers. I ask you, BA and Garuda in the same league!!!

    Skytrax awards tend to go to those who pay the highest fee and have nothing to do with what really counts, safety reliability and service. Turkish Airlines Europes best!!!….I think not….. but it does sum up how devalued this particular award is.


    Well an airline can’t be voted the worlds best if the passengers didn’t enjoy their experience, obviously. From what i have heard BA isn’t a particularly reputable airline nor do i know what Garuda is like but this doesn’t mean that their ratings are invalid. But what does this have to do with Skyteam airlines being in the top ten, Korean Air seems like a fairly reputable airline alongside others, so why is it not in the top ten?


    I understand that Garuda are not allowed to fly to the UK or possibly the EU on safety grounds, hardly puts them in the same league as BA.

    Binman is right that Skytrax awards go to those that pay the highest fees. What creedance can you give to a “survey” that does not take into account the safety of an airline.

    It has been said before on this forum that the Skytrax awards are meaningless. At least with BT awards you do get to vote.


    NTarrant – Garuda flies on a daily basis from Jakarta to Amsterdam (with a stop in Dubai).


    Emirates at 10 was a bit of surprise!

    what was the criteria of the vote again?


    Who cares anyway? The ratings on Skytrax are flawed, we all know that but after all, you fly with the airline that you like, not the one that wins a dubious award. If you have to fly on an airline that you’ve not used before, ask for opinions here in the forum. There are plenty of frequent travellers here who are just itching to give you their opinion of anything under the sun ..


    Turkish have really upped their game over the last twelve months or so and they rate very well against other European carriers, certainly way ahead of IB, AZ, SK, LO, OA, AF, KL, and the eastern European carriers. It’s good to see them recognised.

    Remember, these awards are voted for…


    With regard to creedance, see below

    With regard to credence, I’d share Binman’s and NTarrant’s reservations.

    Garuda used to be on the EU blacklist, but came off it a while ago (2009 IIRC.)


    QR worlds best. As a QR FF, Gold for 5 years now flying them Long haul to Asia every month I agree with the results,

    its all subjective tho, depending on what you want and what status you are with an airline as well.


    Well, Stevescoots, QR 777s might be worth 5 stars, but QR 330s certainly not! And many European cities are only served by QR 330s… And Doha airport is a nightmare…

    In general, I only trust a ranking when I know the criteria. And when the results make sense. Skytrax’ results are a joke. For instance:
    – LH and LX in the same league: ridiculous. I criticise a lot LX as you could have read elsewhere but still they are far superior to LH
    – China Southern: 4 stars? I doubt
    – QR better than EY? Certainly not!
    – TG, with their old seats, in the same league than BA? Another joke
    – KLM a 3 stars? They probably forgot to write their cheque

    And there are many other examples…


    with regard to creedance !!!! Nice one, disgusted!

    Bill in Hants


    DoS – are you Keith or the lady in pink??

    Creedance is being given through this thread. No such thing as bad publicity!!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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