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  • MarcusGB

    Hi Tom / BT Team / BT Members

    I read today the forum article on the Auctions, and some very thoughtful ideas to donate to charity from BT members, in a different way

    On this theme, I wonder if consideration could be given, to donate to a Charity each Xmas / or a period that “Gives the gift of travel” to others?

    I thought of this, with the above comments already members are offering to make contribution. With BT contacts this could truly be a great gift. Clearly others would happily donate.

    We all are very fortunate to travel, in luxury, and often. This is beyond some people’s reach, a “dream” for them, and yet would create a huge impact on the life of a family, especially where one person is very ill. It would be a wonderful for our BT community to enable this one trip for others, and give to others what we take for granted? We have banked Miles for travel, but with the right Airline / Hotel group to facilitate a subsidised stay, would cost little and enable us here, to give something back.

    I say this as a Director Of Nursing in Mental Health , where the vulnerability of people and real constant uphill struggles are all around us, but not always seen. I have spent my 30 year career, advocating for older people, those who are unable to themselves. I am thinking specifically for those affected by Alzheimer’s or Dementia type diseases. This would provide a break for the individual and close carers, a huge desperately needed source of funding for a break, holiday/ travel, funded through the BT members. Perhaps even a year round donation cause.
    Small amounts of Miles / points / cash , could be donated from our FFP accounts, with a link to an Airline or hotel group, willing to enable this profound gift, which BT would have the connections to ask Company’s within the travel industry.

    Much is talked about in Government, yet little support is given to those with complex Palliative needs / life ending diagnosis, apart from Clinical services. I have seen this every day in my work. Actually the UK Hospices plug the gaps where statutory bodies provide nothing. Voluntary sector “Not for Profit” often funded by public donations. Hospices Do not have resources available for respite or holidays simply is available, as i mostly funding Strings has specific criteria to meet. Budgets are linked to specific clinical services, so this would offer something unique to others from us all,

    A respite for those with complex illness or end of life care, is normally “clinically based “, rarely stretches to a holiday for them even for a trip within the UK. Specifically for travel, Holiday and a “break” for all, it would make very significant impact on the lives of others.
    Many people could benefit from very small offerings from each within the BT community.

    These donations could be handed over to a Hospice around the UK, that could enable a travel experience that would not ever be forgotten. Collectively we could be unique in this,have a major impact. Money raised could be raised, offered to a Hospice, that have the right focus, and could administer the funds, to those that need it most. Specifically for this purpose.
    Specifically, i would nominate The North London Hospice, or St Christopher’s Hospice (South London)initially. I have contacts with some of the Lead UK Clinicans in the uk at these Hospices.

    Having worked in the field of aged care, Palliative care is an element of that area. As such, i know leading figures, who would openly enable, especially in several Hospices around London,and be very happily facilitate this. It is not provided elsewhere.
    We would raise funds miles to facilitate this, and it could be administered by The Hospice, for those with little resource, under a set criteria.

    I would welcome BT Forum members views on this, a tiny donation from many of us, could make tough, hard times tolerable for Carers and families. It would not cost much, to benefit a family for a break…

    Tom, could we consider this?
    I would be happy to discuss this directly you.

    Many thanks all.

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