The five cars getting all the attention at the Geneva auto show

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  • IanFromHKG

    The Jag’s exhaust burbles (no other word to describe it) at idle in exactly the same way a Mark II used to. Lovely.

    Speaking of inheritances (and Bristols, I’ll come to that)… My mother left behind an old Volvo that they bought new in 1967. Completely impractical for HK, but sadly neither of my siblings seems to want to keep it in the family, which is a shame.

    And although I do love the idea of an AM, I also rather wish I had bought a Bristol Fighter. Quite apart from the fact that I love the idea of a car that gets more powerful the faster you go, with only 13 reported to have been made, I suspect each might be worth quite a lot as a collector’s item in time. Plus, I thought they were rather nice to look at…


    Anthony, Esselle, perfectly described. Absolutely fits.

    Burbles! What a great way to describe the Jag Ian. Go for the Fighter though. It could well repay you handsomely, A friend of mine bought a Bentley Blower fifteen years ago, and it’s now worth almost ten times what he paid for it.

    For sheer elegance and style, this would really tempt me.


    The only 4 wheel purr that interests me would be a Ferrari’s purr…

    But on 2 wheels………. well………. this purr would certainly turn heads, whether driving down Baker Street and stopping at the lights or wizzing around the country side..

    Not sure whether its street legal in the UK yet…. but one day….. I would love to buy one….


    Good morning gentlemen

    I am really enjoying this thread but, as of this morning, I am a touch confused.

    Up until now, I would have said a V8 on tickover “burbles”, and that a V12 on tickover “rumbles”.

    But now I am not sure…………………..


    It depends on the car, esselle. My Jag is a V6, but definitely burbles

    LP, you have impeccable taste! Sadly, although I did consider the Bristol Fighter while they were still making them, I fear I have now lost my chance. I can’t imagine many owners wanting to sell…

    Martyn, I would rather have had one of these [–QI] if they had ever put them into production. Imagine, a supercar of utter beauty that would run on old chip fat, heating oil, diesel, or almost any other oil (vegetable or mineral)…


    And there was me thinking I was the only Bristol fan here :-). My 1970 411 has long been a family favorite for weddings etc.

    Like others here I must say the new Range Rover is just about perfect as a general car, I have the HSE version and that has replaced a BMW Alpina B5 that I had thought was everything I ever wanted in a car. The RR is simply perfect !


    Ian: mmmm, watched the C-X75 concept car video – gorgeous. You might be interested to see this:

    I must confess that I would rather like to have one of the new cats… In the fullness of time, I think that Snr Mgt could, just, be persuaded.

    As it has taken her some time to understand just why it is necessary to invest in proper power sources, pre-amps, power amps, DACs and streaming devices for my, err our Naim audio system (she used to have an ex-Nathan Road audio box with the acoustic qualities of a lavatory bowl)

    this is likely to become another project in its own right. Glad to hear that your memsahib understands the rationale behind your XF.


    Ian – thanks for sending me that link.

    I think the Jaguar C-X75 is a stunning and state of the art car and its such a shame Jaguar appear to have shelved the idea.

    I know you “seniors” like your classic cars…. but there is something about new and innovative world class engineering, especially when it is from a British brand….

    I would certainly trade the Fiat 500 in for a C-X75


    I fear I am going to show my boy racer credentials with the cars I have owned in the past! ( Live in Singapore so don’t need one now)

    Porsche 997 Turbo S
    Nissan GTR
    M5 V10
    M3 V8

    Even as I typed these 4 cars I realised I have pigeon holed myself, however I never bought a AM as my friends spent more time in the garage than on the road.

    The best of the bunch was most definitely the Porsche pure everyday class IMHO, and at the same time I was in the market for a 4X4 and bought the last iteration of the RR Sport V8 and I loved that car, I hear the new generation are even better!

    I lived in Jamaica recently and I was given a Toyota Land Cruiser and I have to say for pure practicality it was brilliant nothing stopped it literally.


    Wow! What bunch of boy racers we have on the forum.

    I am generally with Tim Fitzgerald on this question – the bottom of the range Kia Picanto is getting me around fine when I am in London.

    While on the subject of the Geneva motor show, can we mention what a pain it is and congestion it causes for those of us who just want to get the local bus “Y” to and from the terminal…….?


    Just like Tim Fitzgerald & David Gordon my petrol head credentials are pretty much nil. Probably back to the time that my confidence was ever so dented by my father’s comment……

    “A car son! You’re a danger to everyone about you, and that’s just when you’re pushing the lawnmower about the garden!!” Ouch!!

    However, I used to love the different shapes and recognizable differences between the marques. And it’s possibly because I’ve no real interest in buying a car nowadays, but all the cars I see on the road seem to be designed by a homogenous creator. Unlike the days of yore when you could clearly tell the difference between a 240Z and a 911. Anyway , if we’re talking about favourite classic cars, I’ll nominate the original mini metro ….


    The Metro? Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear…

    One of the few cars I have driven that was even more dreadful than the Lexus


    The vehicle brands mentioned are known worldwide.

    But you have your own choice of what you think is the best car.


    Hey Ian, don’t discount my plucky wee car… : )
    If memory serves me, did it not do quite well on the rally circuit, competing admirably alongside Lancia’s , Audi’s and other continental speed machines…….
    Now, if I had said the Allegro, then you’d be quite right to dish it !



    You are quite right about the Metro. A friend of mine became British rally driving champion in one in 1986.

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