The Annual ‘Wanderlust’ Review. The Airlines.

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    Readers of Wanderlust voted the following as their favourite airlines:
    2. EY

    No sign of BA. Read ’em an’ weep, as they say.


    Hi everyone !!

    Yes, Tailspin — I am one of the surprise people here. First I thought this magazine is a German speaking and reflects the choices of the German speaking community on the continent. Surprising indeed !! — to realize it is UK based and published !

    So back to the results !
    Well, SQ is not only no. 1 in BT’s readers( Europe or Asia Pacific) point of view but from Wanderlust’s point of view as well. Well, SQ has still strong supporters but I believe this is more Y class pax rather than premium pax ( just read the thread of C class service and seats of SQ)
    That Oman Air failed ’cause of lack of voters will definitely change next year when they are going to be more known to the public then. Their premium cabins are just “very good and has good potentials”. The Top Ten in my opinion reflects more the choices of UK/Europe and Asian pax. But the biggest deceptions on the UK side would have been British Airways ( while VS is ranked 8th ), Cathay Pacific and Thai Airways on the Asian side ( only the wellknown SQ and MH )
    The boutique airline Bangkok Airways being on the list and “leaving behind” the bigger Thai sister is in a way ” a sensation ” . Kingfisher being on the list while Jet Airways is not in the list ,although 9W is more famous and actually well presented in the rest of the world than Kingfisher. But it seems that the perspectives and choices of the pax are shifting.

    The other airlines on the list are well renowned and definitely not “first timers” and I have tried all ten in Y and C classes as well as Prem Y class( NZ, VS) and they are good and in some services absolutely great. This survey reflects a different view and choices rather than the typical one we read with BT every year. It is great to see other perspectives and not only — “the best PR” or “often spoken by some circles of people” or ” the best sponsor of a publishing media “

    Nice Tailspin !



    Well, it would be interesting to know how Germany-based travellers vote. Do the German newspapers and travel magazines carry out similar surveys?And do Lufthansa and Air Berlin always come out on top?
    True, this Wanderlust survey doesn’t distinguish between First, Business, Premium, and Economy and maybe next year it should break down the category into these four sub-sections.
    I think Oman Air simply don’t have the route network at this stage. Maybe, in a few years’ time, they might find themselves on the list. I have never flown them so I can’t comment on them but it would be good to know how other posters feel about them.
    Thank HEAVENS that for once BA hasn’t managed to spin its way into such a survey!Wanderlust readers are obviously not impressed by the airline.
    Good to see a small airline such as Bangkok Airways take on the ‘big guys’ and manage to hold its own.
    I’m new to this site but I can’t help but notice the same pro-BA hype being churned out by some others.


    Hi everyone !

    Definitely those well known travel magazines like the BT German edition has its own yearly survey — and no one here needn’t be a visionary to assume that LH is often in the top airlines voted. As Germany is still the homeground of LH. Most big German and international based companies in the country do tend to have “good contracted fares” with the “Kranich”. So there is a huge portion of elite travellers in Germany. And LH has, inspite of its in my opinion mediocre business class product, striving elite members who have reached Senator status/ * Gold status and aspiring the Hon status. Well, you cannot resent them as they want to taste those great services in the First Class Terminals/Lounges in FRA and MUC.

    Oman Air is still a newcomer. But after experiencing their premium cabins — it is really promising. Just look at the impact it already made with Gulf Air (literally in which Oman Air originated from). Gulf Air has introduced a new premium cabin and eliminating the C and F section. And now offering the F seat as the new premium seat which Oman Air has presided as C class seat. Well done Oman Air for showing your fellow Middle East carriers where to go and how to be innovative and inspiring in the same time !! And when Oman Air has the destinations then it will certainly make a name — hopefully a positive one !

    Regarding Bangkok Airways — it is a boutique airline and actually renowned in South East Asia. Its lounges in Koh Samui and BKK are good as well the nice C cabin for short durations. So no wonder that Europeans have found this “small gem” and like it. And yes it is in some destinations very competitive and slightly better than TG.

    About the pro-BA hype … I am a fan of BA and Gold status holder. But I am definitely not the “all too blind follower and exaggerating pax of BA”
    I assume as well that the top ten list shows more the choices over the Y cabin rather the premium cabin. BA should always remember that it still has a Y cabin after all. Regerdless of the discussion that premium pax subsidise the Y cabin or not.

    Well, it is important to widen one’s horizon and always be open for new and constructive approaches and opinions. But still be cautious not to be influenzed so easily from certain stories. One’ s own perception is often right !


    Hello there,

    I found this thread in searching for comment on “Jet Airways.” I happened to fly the business class, as an Air Canada codeshare from LHR to DEL in January and I think it may have been the nicest I’ve ever been on. I’m curious how it ranks – apologies if this is the wrong place for this question (please direct me if so).

    It was an empty cabin, a new 777 and though I’m not as experienced as some on here I have had a fair amount of business class flying on Air Canada and ANA. The others I’ve found merely competent compared to this one experience on Jet.

    What made it stand out for me was a couple things. First, that the lounge at Heathrow was actually Etihad – they have a sharing arrangement – then the boarding was early but that seemed to be so that you would have enough time to sit and enjoy your _watermelon_ juice (suprisingly good) or the usual range of choices, followed by a meal that seemed well above average (I took the veg curry option). The kicker was though at boarding they asked if I wanted a “sleeping suit” which I had to have them repeat before they just smiled and brought it to me – a roomy, clean cotton pyjama set, thankfully without their logo on it. With that, socks and sleeping mask I spent a good six hours horizontal, the most I’ve ever slept on a plane.

    Is this something others have experienced in business? I’m now based in Delhi and flying Jet every chance I can but have not hit on the same great experience with them – old non-flat seats in from Bangkok and I fly economy for non-international flights.

    Thanks in advance for your patience with my newbie-ness.



    Hi Ted !

    First welcome in BT Forum ! It is actually one of the rarest comments over 9W C cabins. I actually have flown 9W B777 aircrafts with three different airlines: with 9W of course, with TK and with GF. 9W has leased them to TK and GF — so I had great opportunities to try the full flat bed. As AC fan — you might have found out that the C seats of AC and 9W are almost identical apart from the colour.

    Regarding food service on 9W. It is just great and the hospitable Indian attitude – always try the Indian options — just delicious !. AC food service are great as well– I personally find the Japanese Meal option one of the best in the industry which only NH and JAL beat slightly.
    Regarding PJs — only get it when it is a night flight. And not all airlines offer PJs, so it is a huge point for those airlines like 9W, QF ….
    Well flights to BKK are often with B737 – non lieflat seats–luckily it is not that long and the lounge style seat is average. Better improved will be the best — lie flat like TG for short haul regional routes for example.

    Try Kingfisher First as well. I was amazed and arrived relaxed +satisfied for my money. About NH — as you have heard — new C and F cabins are going to be introduced in the fleet. And this time it is real full flat bed–no angle. It will be a huge competition with JAL. Apart from the great Japanese Meal-attentive cabin crews.

    Enjoy your trips and safe travels



    Thank you Hess, much appreciated. I’ll mostly be reading and lurking as I seem to “merely” clock in around 75K miles per year and have already learned a few things from the forums.

    As for your post, I did notice the cabin was almost exactly the same between AC and 9W, I’m amazed that someone else knows the difference. Perhaps most Canadians don’t expect anyone to know anything about Air Canada? 🙂

    I’m also surpised that you think so highly of the Kaiseki meal on the the Toronto – Tokyo run, not that I thought it was bad – I don’t know what the really well done version (i.e. on the ground, in Japan) is like. What I find that Air Canada has in spades is a really great set of movies. I do wish their TV selections were less random though.

    Thank you for the tips, I will try Kingfisher, though this year I’m marshalling all my points on to Star Allliance in the vain chance I make the top tier. Maybe late in the year.

    I’m a big fan of NH too and will like them more with the lie-flat option. Back at the office in Montreal I actually have a little ANA figurine eternally pouring coffee.



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