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  • Mavira John

    I’m expecting to visit China next year from Thailand. Can anyone here guide me the best time and weather to visit China?


    China is a very BIG country so it all depends on where in it you are going !!!!


    Staff at our Hong Kong office would be the best to advise on this. (I myself am based in London)

    And as Peter says it will depend on where you wish to go within mainland China.


    Broad brush !

    North China is very cold in winter. The further north the colder it gets.
    Lots of snow. Can be 20C+ below.
    Avoid the capital in the summer as frequent dust storms and hot.

    The south is tropical temperate in summer between 25 and 32C. Winter is similar to UK as far north as Shanghai

    Without knowing your destination(s) I would suggest that November or March would be the best months overall.


    Best to steer clear of three periods:

    Chinese New Year (end Jan – early Feb)
    The May Day Golden Week (virtually all China factories are shut)
    The October National Day Week (factories shut again)

    Other than that anytime is an option.

    As few have mentioned above, China is a HUGE country so it would also depend on the region and the season. Since you are from Thailand, you might want to experience the cooler part of the year as a change.


    China is almost as large (at 9.6 sq km) as the whole of Europe (10.2 sq km) so as others have pointed out it really depends where you go. About all you can generally say is that it is north of the equator, so will be warmer in the middle of the year and colder at the beginning and end – just like Europe! North China really is the frozen north at latitude 53 degrees north, southern China is only 20 degrees north so sub-tropical. You’re really going to have to narrow it down! Even in the sub-tropical regions the rainy and dry seasons will vary considerably according to position.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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