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  • Matthias

    I was on board on TG 316 from New Delhi to Bangkok on a red eye flight. At the check in counter, I have asked the staff for front row aisle seats and was told flight full and not front row aisle seats. I accepted their explanation and proceed to the security control to get to the plane. At the gate 20 at delhi airport, I again requested for from t row aisle seat and being a star alliance gold members, maybe I can get a chance. However, I was told again that front row 31 no aisle seats by the boarding gate staff. I knew somehow that may not be true as I have been flying among 24 years. I asked the ground staff again specifically for a seat on 31 or 32 aisle and was told it was occupied. I have no choice BUT throatforced myself to accept a window seat at 31 row.

    Time flies and the boarding annnouncement was made and to my astonishment, the seat 31 or first row aisle seat was empty. There was a lady seating at the windows seat on the front row. The aisle seat beside her remain empty till the plane landed at Bangkok airport on 15 Aug st 0500 am. No infant on row 31 at all.

    With the bad experience on TG,it is very difficult to trust the ground staff and TG anymore. Well Done TG !
    I trust you will lose your customer and best of luck.

    I am planning to write to TG and business traveller with all details. I am not sure what is the point of being a star alliance gold member. Alliance partners seem to be on its own and disintegrated.

    Trust on TG is lost !



    Maybe the passengers sat there had checked in but didn’t make the flight.


    Is this a major issue for a 31/2 hours flight time?
    Probably the lady had the aisle seat booked and decided to sit in the window seat.
    Also after take-off if a seat is empty, one can normally move there.


    Thanks for the response. Before I walked into the plane, I did check with the ground staff but they said the same thing. Cheers


    The lady was seated at the window seats when I enters the plane. There was no one on the aisle seat.

    I was traveling from delhi to Bangkok the night before departing delhi at 2335 hrs and touched down at 5am in Bangkok before taking 8 am from Bangkok to Singapore. I believe the can in crew should be told by the ground staff on my request.



    Why didn’t you just move into the seat or at least ask the cabin crew?

    The cabin crew and the ground staff don’t tend to interact, why should they pass on the whim of one customer over the hundred or more that may be on that aircraft?

    If the ground staff checked the computer and the seat was unavailable so be it! Tough! Life is full of hard knocks.


    There can be a myriad of reasons why a seat was showing as occupied to the ground staff yet remained unoccupied when the doors closed.
    – someone could have checked in online and failed to show.
    – someone could have been in transit and checked in from point A and issued their boarding pass for all sectors yet failed to make the connection.
    – someone could have been checked in then denied boarding at the last minute because of issues at immigration.
    – the ground staff may be agency employees dealing with a load of different airlines and unable to tell the difference between a blocked seat and an occupied one.

    I agree with FrDougal – you should have brought the issue to the attention of the cabin crew and asked to move there. If they said ‘no’ you would have at least got to the bottom of why no one could sit there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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