Terrible and bad experience I ever met in my life with US AIrways

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    Two months ago, when I heard the news about US-Airways acquired American Airline to become one of the biggest airlines in the USA and the world. I was glad that I purchased their first class tickets travelling in the USA with the most reputable airline. Yet, in fact, life does not go smooth as you thought!!!

    I had been travelling from Bangkok, Thailand to the USA with my family, my wife and my 2 little kids age of 7 and 4.5 year, from Mar 2nd – Mar 21st, 2013. I had a bad experience with US Airways; of which, they claimed that they are one of the best airlines in the US; but in reality, they are the worst airlines I have ever met in this world. I personally do not recommend all of your guys, especially, all foreigner who will travel to the US. They will treat you as a lower class; even though, you purchase their first class ticket.

    I brought a round trip tickets for all of us travelling from SEATTLE to RALEIGH on Thursday Mar 14th and returning flight from WASHINGTON DULLES to LOS ANGELIS on Wednesday Mar 20th with first class tickets. The total ticket cost for all of us was 5,144.40 US$.

    On my flight to RALEIGH, my wife found a piece of bronze hair in her chocolate cake serving for first class customer. Of course, that piece of hair was not belong to her because we all are Asian with black hair. We sent an email complaining about this but all we received back from Kathi Gee, a representative from US Airways from Mar 18th is

    “…The hair may have been floating in the cabin area, however, we have forwarded your concerned…”

    I have this email, which anyone is interested in; I could forward it out for you.

    Since then, we haven’t received any contact from US Airways representative any more. Do you guys in US Airways think a hair can float in the cabin area and penetrate through a cake? We are not a stupid person as you thought!

    Another bad and terrible experience happened to us again on our returning flight to Los Angelis on Wed 20th. On the night before we flied, I went to US Airways website for their Web Check-in. We all got confirmed with first class seat with confirmation code A8H680. I still remember my seat was on the row 1 and 2 from Washington to Charlotte and on 2A, 2B, 3A and 3D from Charlotte to Los Angelis.

    When we arrived at Washington Dulles Airport IAD at 10 am for our flight at 1.15 pm with our 8 checked in baggages, we directly went to US Airways representative at the check in counter. There was no help at all from them, they asked us to check in through the kiosk but it did not work. We tried to ask for help couple of times before one representative came and help us. Finally we found out that our seats were cancelled from this airline. They gave us the reason as they had a small aircraft and had to cut out some passengers; of which, were us. How could they do this to the first class passengers? Or because we all are foreigner not either US citizen nor your airline Dividend Miles member?

    They printed out e-tickets and said that they pushed us to another airline, United Airline. Again without any help from them, I had to hire by ourselves a big trolley to get all 8 baggages to United Airline counter; which is 700 feet away.

    At United, we received more shock. United informed us that they downgraded us from first class to coach with all scatter seats. My 4.5 years old boy was assigned on 38E while others seated on 11B, 12B, and 12E; and United would charged us about 300 US$ for check in baggages that we had. I asked United Airline what’s happened. They said they could not help for anything, I had to contact those representative at US Airways counter. We all again had to move back to US Airways counter.

    All we heard from US Airways was “Sorry”! We had no choice because we had to go to Los Angelis to catch up on our Thai Airways flight back home. Without any sympathy from them, my 2 kids had no lunch until 1.30 pm when our tickets were settle down.

    Finally, when we arrived Los Angelis at 7.30 pm, we experienced worst in the worst US Airways had made to us. Our 8 pieces of baggage came in two separate airlines. Our 6 checked baggages came at United Airline baggage claim area. We had to wait for almost an hour to find out that our remaining checked baggages carried by US Airways. We had to carried our first 6 baggages from Terminal 7 to pick up other 2 baggages at US Airways baggage claim in Terminal 1. Finally we arrived our hotel at 10 pm; of which, it was where and when my kids relaxed and had their dinner.

    My questions to US Airways are
    1. Could a piece of hair that floated in your cabin penetrated through a piece of cake you served?
    2. How could you do this to us? Because we are all foreigner; not either US citizen nor your airline Dividend Miles member, even we purchased your first class tickets.
    3. You informed us that you had to cancel our seats because you had to changed to a smaller plane which serve no first class seat. Is this an only reason that you could think of from your head? If no first class seat available, why you pushed us through United Airline; which we had to fly in the same coach seat with longer flight of more than 5 hours; compared to your flight operated about 1hour from Washington Dulles IAD to Charlotte Airport CLT. Then we all could have our first class seat from Charlotte Airport CLT to Los Angelis LAX.

    What I could say this was a stupid, non-sense, terrible, and bad experience I have even received from such an airline to serve to their customers!!!

    Thank you,

    Jirawat Lohavanichbutr


    I don’t think US Airways reads this forum. I know, shocking!


    Was the hair curly?


    No, it was a small piece of bronze hair; not a long curly hair.


    So you’ve contacted the airline and not heard anything in two months? That is bad.


    I am not familiar with this airline, but there is nothing worse than finding hair in your cake, whether it be long or short, curly or straight, bronze or black.


    alexpo1 – I agree, but of course if it had been black, then perhaps it might have been thought to have been a friendly hair, not an unfriendly one.

    I have had this experience with my keyboard from time to time, and when, after examination, I have decided that the hair is not mine, I have to try and work out where it has come from.

    The notion of a “floating hair” had not previously occurred to me, and I’m grateful to the OP for bringing it to my attention, far more grateful than it seems US Airways are…


    Did you raise the ‘hair issue’ with the Purser on your flight?

    When a passenger complains about an issue on a flight the first thing an airlines Customer Service department will do is cross reference the passenger complaint with the crew’s ‘flight report’ lodged after said flight.

    The airline is more likely to take such a complaint seriously if they can cross reference it with the crew’s flight report. I guess they may wonder why a passenger did not bring such a thing to the crew’s attention immediately, instead choosing to email Customer Relations later down the line.

    On the subject of an invol downgrade I would certainly expect you to get some form of compensation.


    I think I am in the minority, I like US Airways.

    I’ve had about 30 odd flights with them, mix of intl J & Y, domestic F and Y.

    Always had great service without exception.

    On my most recent experience our incoming BA flight to PHX was very delayed due to an aircraft change, as a result we missed our connection, not on the same ticket either.

    The US Airways agent rebooked us to the next flight the following morning FOC, considering it was a cheap non-refundable ticket that was great service!


    You are not alone BA319131! 🙂

    I had an exceptional flight with them last year from Charlotte to LGW.

    Was very surprised by the seats – they were not unlike the new CX J class seats. Fully flat and all with direct aisle access.

    Service was good as well. Despite the relatively short flight time they still offered two full hot meals – a proper dinner AND breakfast. Rare for transatlantic flights these days.

    But the OP’s experience on the return journey definitely sounds a nightmare. One would have thought better arrangements could have been made.



    I am sorry to read of the terrible flight experiences your family had with US Airways. I think you should concentrate on seeking redress for this as IMHO this is much, much more serious than finding a “small piece of bronze hair” in a piece of cake.

    I really do have to ask who has bronze hair??? Do you mean red or dark blonde? In saying this, did you tell the CC, as rferguson asked, whilst on board? Would it not have been easier to do this and then ask for another piece of cake, or an alternate food? I really feel including the “hair in the cake” is diluting your real complaint with US Airways.

    I am sure most of us have found foreign items in our food, either at home or when we are out and about.

    My intention is not to say ignore the “hair”, but that you have much more important issues with the airline.



    I also like US Airways.

    I may be in the minority, but I find the OP to be rather suspect.


    When we found the piece of hair in the cake, we immediately called the crew for what we found. She said sorry and informed us that she would made a report on this.

    When we grounded at CLT, I immediately sent an email to their customer service again. And all we received from them was an email as I stated above

    “…The hair may have been floating in the cabin area, however, we have forwarded your concerned…”

    I have this email, which anyone is interested in; I could forward it out for you.

    My point is this airline totally lacks of their responsibility and professional. Beside this email, I haven’t received any contact back from them till now. Also with their behalf on making such a mix up travel to my family, making my little daughter and my son delayed their lunch and their dinner until 10 PM.

    Should this be happen to the kids? I myself don’t mind if this happen to me alone. I can skip or wait for my dinner to late midnight. Since this had happened to my kids; of which we brought a first class ticket from US Airways; but received their unprofessional service like this.

    With my respect to all sharing.


    taking into account most problems on the return trip,get a lawyeer to IMMEDIATELY start procedures against the airline.no need to waste anymore time waiting for a “sorry…” letter…

    of course the lawyer’s fee should be included in the eventual compensation demanded

    i’m sure some of you guys can advice a good one

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