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    Just booked a great fare in Club World from Dublin to Austin via LHR for next Feb for £1250. I quickly checked a couple of other destinations and saw that these deals include AA & US as well e.g. DUB-ORD for £1084.

    Initial search made on KAYAK but booking can be made on the airlines direct.

    Not sure which dates these deals cover but my journey is out in Feb, return in March.



    It is a sale fare from today until 12th November (from Dublin – not checked other points).

    Doesn’t appear to be any seasonality on this so could cover Christmas as well – just getting the relevant booking class – I

    Not a bad deal at all



    So I could have waited a few weeks! Still it is definitely worth it for me.



    Bath_VIP, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. I have been waiting for an ex-Europe sale and DUB will do fine. Managed to get club to LAX for 1441,00 eur, fantastic price as nothing like it available at the moment.



    I find it a disgrace that ex Dublin, BA quote Club at € 1200 approx to Miami in February, which equates to £1,000.

    The LHR fare is showing £2,900.

    I understand the ‘lure’ of business from other cities, but in many other industries, office of fair trading etc, would have something to say about selling the same product at such different price points.




    It is supply & demand and such pricing anomalies have been around ever since the start of mass passenger flying.

    Saying that though, it turns out this is part of a sales campaign as reported by BT today and I can see that Miami is at £1900 from LHR.



    Bullfrog, ex-Europe works all year round. The cheat is to find the departure point. Quite frankly, more fool BA… I find the benefits of these ex-Europe tickets far outweigh the inconvenience.. due to my travel requirements in Europe

    I am trying to do another BKK run in December. Together with this current trip, that will be most of my travel to Europe sorted for 2015… these 2 trips alone will generate 28 free sectors in Europe.. due to an avios bonus…



    Bath_VIP .. thanks for the tip. The dates I was checking are Feb 4 to Miami and Feb 24 returning, and ex London is 2900 pounds and ex Dublin is circa 1000 pounds.

    I know about ‘ex Europe’ & attracting the business from other carriers.



    I’m about to book the DUB/LAX fare also – coming home from Vegas actually – it was about 1850 Euro on Monday when I first started looking so glad I dawdled! What’s the best hotel at DUB for an overnight stay prior to the flight?



    speedbird, the westin is v nice (an old bank of ireland branch building I think and is opposite trinity college, or splash out and go to the Merrion!!



    I’ve booked the Carlton hotel which is close to the airport and has complimentary shuttle. From what I could see there are no hotels on site so you will need a shuttle bus to get to the terminal.



    I am actually going to Vegas and coming back from LAX! There are 2 hotels right by the airport, the Maldron and Raddison Blu and either should be fine for an overnight, and saves having to go into the city.



    Depends on what you want, Speedbird_ABZ. The Radisson Blu and Maldron (ex-Clarion) are both on airport campus and within walking distance of the terminal buildings (there is also comp transfer available). If you have the time, Dublin city centre offers a very wide range of options and is a more interesting place to be!!



    Re Dublin Hotels

    I usually stay at the Hilton which has a shuttle bus (€2 on the return leg to the airport, free on the way to the hotel) and find it a very decent hotel. Usually €60-€90 euro

    The shuttle bus has a fixed timetable which is available on the hotel website.

    If you have more time, staying city centre is not a bad option as the Aircoach bus runs very frequently and is quite reliable and does serve most hotels. Recommend Conrad or Shelbourne if you have a bit more to spend.

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