Strike in France to cause travel disruption

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  • AllOverTheGaff

    In all my travelling, I’ve only done maybe 6 sectors on AF, of which two were longhaul in C, and very good. Apart from their utterly uncaring attitude many years ago when I flew from Manaus-Paris with severe food poisoning, they’re not bad in the air. The Achilles Heel is CDG and the poorly trained and rude employees there, and that’s the main reason I won’t fly AF. They are worse than IB ground staff at Barajas, and their rudeness takes a lot of beating.

    It’s a shame as AF has the potential to be a well above average airline if they could manage the labour problems which bedevil France, and run a better hub.

    Same for me, in all my years maybe 8 sectors on AF J and always found them to be very good in the air, also the AF ground side good but CDG staff (not AF) one would think were trained at LHR……

    Yeah, have to agree with this albeit I’ve not had the misfortune of CdG staff as yet, I am sure they are in wait for me.

    Good friend of mines joined me in Sao Paulo and was offered an upgrade from J to F for £1600.00 or so, he took it to try it out and raved about it, said it was by far one of the best first class flights he’s enjoyed.

    I am flying in J next week with AF (strike permitting) and am tempted to take the upgrade if I am offered..again….purely for research purposes.

    I still rate Lufthansa 1st as the best European carrier I’ve done, which may be because there were only 2 of us in the cabin and they made up a separate bed for me and the whole experience was sublime. I’m being offered an amazing deal on flights I need next year with LH aboard the 747-800 in F but the connection times in FRA are dismal and I know it would drive me bonkers waiting 6+ hours, so looks like AF may get the nod again once their prices are a little more competitive.



    I am always surprised that this has never been carried through, and been more popular, to use cargo space and also fit much more seating, raise revenues?

    I imagine the issue is that aircraft usually operate different routes where cargo demand will vary.


    Just to alert you that Eurostar has yet again extendeded the date when it expects to resume normal service.

    @Eurostar has tweeted now that “we are running a reduced timetable until 15 December.”


    Alex / BT Forum members…

    So where do we stand, especially with Airlines, in terms of these ongoing issues with Air France.
    We all i am sure would agree, the politics of these strikes and disruptions and not going to go away.

    When we have flights booked with Air France, yet we are notified 24 hrs in advance that our flights “may or may not be cancelled, delayed”, what is the stance on EU compensation rules, it on this basis, we cancel our return ticket and book another Airline?
    They state we have the right to re-book with no change fee, but have to pay for the higher fare. or transfer to another flight in X days time, but that would include futehr costs. And, if the offers they have for re-booking show no seats, do we not then have the right to book another Airline?
    Surely this is not correct.

    AF state we get our Half value of the ticket refunded, But do we get our alternative flight booked, repaid to us? They certainly did not offer to re-route me.
    Clearly the Airline are deciding which services will or will not run.
    Even if they do run the “warned we many not” flights, and we have made arrangements to fly another Airline, on the basis of their warning, can we claim EU Compensations?

    Experienced BT travellers, would not just sit there, when there are other options, that will be taken up if the decision is left, and we arrive at the airport to find all other airlines are full.
    And to fly into or via a hub, in a country where there are mass demonstrations and complete travel stoppages, would we be foolish enough to gamble being taken into that, then not being able to get out, with the 2nd flights cancelled?

    Clearly these issues are not going away soon…

    For me this was a return part of my ticket, though booked with KLM, it was them out, but AF return.

    Any advice Alex?
    (And of any interest to review the A321 neo TAP i took today, has the forum had many A32 Neo aircraft reviewed?}


    It’s looking likely the next strike in France for all public services and private sectors is Tuesday 17 December 2019. Happy Christmas!


    Marcus – Sorry but all I can advise is that you look at EU 261 rules. It’s posted on the CAA (UK) website.

    Re: Eurostar. For anyone planning to use Eurostar (to Paris or Brussels) in the coming days then note that cancellations continue into December 16.

    The latest alert from Eurostar shows that four trains to Paris are cancelled on December 16 with one cancelled to Brussels.


    Eurostar today saying travellers must expect timetable changes until December 28.


    Although it’s in French, it’s not too hard to understand …. … might be of help to those travelling.


    If it weren’t sad, it would be amusing. Thank you, Alsacienne.


    It is looking likely there is another Air Traffic Control Strike this week.

    ‘Some Unions in France called for an ATC Industrial action for 9th of January, including the nights before and after.’

    More misery on the travel networks in France…


    From Euronews

    There were 6,000 demonstrators according to the police in Clermont-Ferrand (18,000 according to the unions), 10,000 in Bordeaux (70,000), 14,000 in Toulouse (120,000), 8,400 in Nantes (18,000), 22,000 in Marseille (220,000), 11,000 in Lyon ( 27,000).

    Whom do we believe?


    Always hard to know.
    However if you carefully follow the SNCF sites you can plan a trip, I can confirm this on the basis of having made 4 trips I the last 10 days

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