Steirereck im Stadtpark, Vienna, Austria

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  • uggboylovestravel

    July 2016, our landmark birthday lunch experiences

    To make my landmark birthday in July 2016 even more special, my fiancé and I booked a table for two at the two Michelin stared restaurant the Steirereck im Stadtpark in Vienna, Austria which we knew for about ten to fifteen years and wanted always to try. The restaurant is also ranked 9th on the 50 best Restaurant in the World list.

    The architecture of the restaurant is futuristic and there is an organic herb garden on the roof.

    When we entered we saw to the right the open kitchen and slightly more to the right Steirereck produce to buy. Straight ahead was the reception, where we were greeted warmly by a very young maître d’, confirming our reservation we were brought to our table. It overlooked the Stadtpark and the interior of the Steirereck.

    Even so the restaurant was large, it was private. There were walls dividing the space into pods. Two to four tables were sharing one area.

    The interior was postmodern as well and we enjoyed the design tremendously.

    My birthday was acknowledged by an imprint “Happy Birthday” on the table cloth. There was also a little stand where you could put your handbag which we found a thoughtful addition to our table.

    The staff was very attentive, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. For example we could take the brochure of “Le Grandes Tables Du Monde”, where the Steirereck is a member, after asking nicely. The guests at the neighbor’s table wanted their mobile phone charged, so that they could take photographs of their meal. Their wish was immediately fulfilled too.

    We also liked the uniforms of the female staff, which fitted perfectly with the postmodern design, looked on the one side simple, but was elegant and free flowing on the other.

    As drinks we had a bottle of still Voeslauer water, one of our favorites when in Austria, and a mocktail made with mandarin and lime juice. It was delicious, so he had a second one, but there were at least five others available to choose from. They were made right in front of us and the ingredients came on a trolley.

    The bread selection was fantastic. There were at least twenty to thirty to choose from. The bread was shown to us and named and had been too many to remember. We both had olive ciabatta. My fiancé took another slice, but couldn’t eat them all due to having “bigger eyes than his stomach was” as they say.

    Next arrived the greetings from the kitchen, which was four different dishes, that showed by which other nations Austria has been influenced and included chips with potato cheese, falafel with sumac yogurt dip, semolina, roasted corn pudding and cucumber and tomato salad with yogurt dressing. The roasted corn pudding was an acquired taste. We both liked it, but it was the least favorite in terms of taste compared to the other offerings.

    We chose a four course meal and started with “Schwarzauer” Mountain Trout with melon, cucumber and etiolated pea shoots and artichoke & veal kidney with radicchio and sweet clover.

    Both dishes were delicious and melt in the mouth.

    Next were the Viennese soft gulash from Alpine beef with leek -bread roulade and pickled vegetables and Jerusalem Artichoke with Pak Choi, pea shoots and Viennese snails.

    The gulash was light-red brown and mildly spicy, while the other dish was the right combination between being soft and crunchy.

    Our main courses were Wiener Schnitzel and barbecued sturgeon with kohlrabi, quinoa and elderberry.

    Both were very good. The schnitzel was very thin and melt in the mouth. While the barbecue flavor of the sturgeon was strong. The kohlrabi, quinoa and elderberry were a nice counter balance.

    Our desserts were cherries with shiso, rice and soured cream and Java coffee with yellow dates, plums and cinnamon flowers. We loved both.

    Before we received the bill there was another sweet greeting from the kitchen with a typical Austrian pastry called a kicherl served from a traditional trolley, We had the choice of toppings including nuts, strawberries, dried figs, apricot and cherry jam.

    We enjoyed each a beautiful hot chocolate to round up our memorable lunch at this modern gourmet temple in the heart of Vienna, the capital of Austria. The Stierereck has been consitently voted by several guides incl. Falstaff [100/100 points] as the best restaurant in Austria and it shows in our opinion.

    Please see/view our uploads/memories on Flickr:


    We enjoyed our lunch tremendously, which cost 270.60 Euro (ca. 288.30 USD), and would love to return for another special occasion in our future when visiting beautiful Vienna.

    Would we recommend this restaurant to a friend? YES!
    Would we want to enjoy this restaurant for lunch/dinner in our future again? YES!


    Thanks for another superb review.

    Mountain Trout is an interesting description. I sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between trout and salmon. The trout I was served years ago looked and tasted nothing like the trout served today, which looks more like salmon.

    I also wonder in a 2 star Michelin restaurant whether the fish served is farmed / open (fresh) / frozen.

    Thanks for the great review… am hungry again…


    Thanks, Uggboy – another excellent review.

    I was lucky enough to take my wife to Steirereck for our 25th Wedding Anniversary last August. It was the best dining experience of my life. We had the dinner tasting menu with wine pairing and it was excellent value.

    Coupled with amazing service at the wonderful Hotel Bristol, it was a very memorable few days indeed.



    I was going to post a couple of photos but they’re too large. Does anyone know how to reduce the size of photos stored on Photos on a Mac?




    The fish was certainly fresh and tended also to be local freshwater produce.

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