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    Hello All,

    Currently stuck at Starbucks in IST en-route to Bishkek. They are renovating the TK lounge here. No problem I thought – I’ll use the alternative TK lounge. Except that it is a problem as they will not let me in to any lounge (unless I pay) unless I am flying business class (I am not). So much for Star Alliance gold status.

    I understand if space is an issue – but they will not even give a voucher to use at an airport cafe. Poor indeed and yet another reason not to fly TK again if that is how they treat their reciprocal Star Gold holders.

    Just thought I’d rant online as no TK staff want to listen to me any more…



    If you have a valid Diners Club card, try that instead – it got me into Dalaman’s TK lounge 2 weeks ago



    Hi Johnny,

    so TK staff didn’t want to listen to you any more. This seems to be a recurring thing with TK (notwithstanding various safety issues raides here from time to time).

    Surely Star Alliance Gold status means something to this Airline??

    If TK executives read this forum, they need to wake up and smell the coffee. There is a recession in the avaition industry, and if TK are happy to alienate premium customers it beggars belief.

    Maybe it’s time for Star Alliance to decide whether they want their normally high standards brought down by one bad apple.

    Hope you got to your destination safe and sound, Johnny.




    Thanks both for your suggestions and comments. Regrettably I don’t have a Diners Club, but in every other airport I’ve been to where the lounge is closed, the airline provide access to another lounge or at the very least vouchers for a public cafe.

    For the infomation of everyone else, the current situation in Istanbul will continue until 1 July.

    Next time I go to Central Asia, I will consider using a Flying Blue airline to take advantage of my free status match upgrade to Platinum.

    Greetings from Bishkek!



    JohnnyEnglish – what about Priority Pass?



    Thanks Martyn – I though about that, but wrongly assumed that Star Gold, FB Platinum and a Lufthansa credit card (lounge access at my home airport regardless of airline) would cover 98% of my flying needs.

    TK have proved me wrong.

    Maybe I will revisit PP. Or avoid Turkish Airlines…



    I found the Turks are very stubborn people in general and they just follow rules and regulations sternly without any negotiation!

    Otherwise they are lovely people.




    If you can find them, try to look at my posts of a year or so ago about my experience of the CIP Lounge at IST.

    Perhaps you were lucky not be allowed into a TK lounge after all…..

    Cheers, Simon




    I echo on Simon’s remark on the poor standard on the TK lounge in IST. Although it went through renovation several years ago, the quality of the F&B and the seatings is still very inferior compared to other major airlines. In essence: Nothing to write home about so you have not missed to much. The only good thing was the sour cherry juice!!!

    Let”s hope there will be great improvements once the lounge re-opens in July!!

    I wish TK would spend their advitising budget to improve on their lounge service instead of on Manchester United!!!!

    Then the lounge could turn into a Turkish Delight!



    Agreed Simon and FC, not a great lounge, but better than spending outrageous sums of money in the airport itself – especially on 8 hour layovers.

    My beef with TK for their treatment of customers remains however, but since I will clearly be excluded from the lounge on the return trip, I will use the opportunity to visit the city for a few hours instead. And then make a formal complaint to TK and Star Alliance on my return (not that I expect much of a reply…)




    It is best to spend your 8-hour layover in the beautiful city of Istanbul than stewing in this very sterile IST airport!

    Take a traditional Turkishsteam bath with a HARD rub might just help to while your long transit time.

    I think you should lodge a formal complain tot he StarAlliance Group on the treatment with Turkish Airlines and one day in the future TK may be GLOBALLY YOURS!

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