SQ Needs to overhaul those aging 777-200’s

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    It is universally acknowledged by most of us that SQ is a great way to fly. They deserve the many awards and accolades they have acquired over the years but I fear some complacency has crept in on flights of medium distance where those old, old 777-200’s (of which SQ seems to have far too many) are used. I travelled BNE/SIN in J on a beautifully clean efficient A330. Not bad kinda flat beds, excellent food and wine list, amenities. The flight is 7 hrs 30 mins.

    Then yesterday SIN to Seoul at midnight for a 6 hr 30 minute flight. In J, old seats not beds first of all and a very limited breakfast menu.

    Of course, one could ask why flights of just 6.30 hrs duration leave at midnight. Run the aircraft through the day and then have enough time to get another sector out of the old plane. It’s not only SQ of course that subject passengers to these ridiculously inconvenient timings. From Darwin in Australia to the southern capitals Brisbane, Sydney etc. Virgin Blue flights leave at 1am for a 5 hour flight. Funnily enough, just in time to start working the morning peak flights around the capitals. Who cares about the passengers, just get those planes moving.

    Back to the original subject… when will SQ start an overhaul of those ageing 777-200?

    And, by the way, dont listen to them about the fall in passenger numbers in the sharp end. Both of my flights so far, full.

    Oz Traveller


    I agree.

    SQ also need to sort out their Business seats down to Sydney especially…A380, 773-300ER, then the 747 & 773, with the old Raffles Class!
    BT reported that they are refurbishing one of the SYD aircraft, & i note on my booking for Sept Business LHR-SIN-SYD, that they have changed the the 773_ER to a 773. However according to the BT report, this will be fitted with the A330 type seating!

    Its getting confusing.
    Bit of a difference with a 1-2-1 compared to a 2-3-2 old Raffles arrangement, then this 3rd type a330 regional angled seating?
    Not so sure these are so suitable for an overnight flight, putting on a regional seating strategy?

    If they don’t come up to scratch & get things sorted one way or the other, have one not 3 business seat plans on the same routes, I will merely chooses other carriers.
    It’s not acceptable to buy into a service/product only to find it is downgraded, & your 1-2-1 cabin is 2-3-2!


    I must say that my two SQ longhauls this year, both on 772s, were extremely disappointing.

    The first, AMS-SIN with spacebeds, was marred by very poor food, perfunctory service, a broken seat and extremely basic amenities.

    The second, SIN-PER with olde-worlde Business Class seats, was at least redeemed by a very good breakfast and absolutely delightful service from the single member of cabin crew assigned to our section of the cabin.

    Neither sector in any way reflected SQ’s marketing and, indeed, it would be impossible for the less savvy traveller to find anything of detail on SQ’s website to describe the on-board service offered on these services.

    All in all, something of a shame.

    That said, I don’t doubt that the A380 and 77W J seats are superb, and even the new A330 wedgies very good too.


    Yes, it is definitely right that when you pay Bus.Class fare-you expect a decent Bus. Class seat. For instance with SQ a full flat seats in international and hopefully in not very long future in all regional as well. SQ is trying hard to give premium pax good seatings-but as you all frequent travellers know-it is not easy to reconfigurate all the fleets at once. Just remember that some carriers out there who have got more inferior or unspeakable seatings than SQ, TG (refurbishing B777 and A330 with new lie flat seatings), CX (refurbishing their fleet with full flat seats for regional use as well) …in their regional or medium haul routes.


    My SIN-SYD sector on SQ in a few weeks, will carry the new (A333) seating on the older 773.
    Be interesting to see how it feels on the overnight flight down to oz…

    They remain with a real mix of the 747 older 773 seats, then the new A330 seats on an old 773, with the A380 & 773 -ER the new 1-2-1 configuration, down to Sydney. 4 flights a day 3 different business class cabins?!!!


    To MarkRoberts9: It will be kind of you to share your experience with the A333 flight to SYD, I have seen photos already but a real trip report for your fellow frequent flyers wil be great!!

    You are right at the moment it is quit weird that SQ has different configurations for SYD flights.Bad for those who have to fly with the old regional seatings – last year trip from SIN-BNE- almost everybody in C Class onboard were appalled and let the crew feel how displeased and disappointed they were with the old regional seat
    (not Skybed). As such failures are not typical SQ whose consistence in bringing premium seating and service is ( if I may say) almost self-evident. Only few airlines in the world are seen by frequent travellers as figurehead of international air travel and SQ is definitely one of them.

    But I hope that the new seats both in A380/B773 ER and A333( hope full flat?) are introduced as soon as possible and especially on other regional routes. As CX and the famous Middle Eastern Squad of EK, EY, QR and soon in the future Oman Air are already showing the rest of the world that they are not only hearing what the pax want but trying to implent it as soon as possible.
    Lucky for as pax we have got a lot of choices!!!


    Thanks to BT for notifying readers that SQ intended to refurbish one 773, Then my email was received that my J class down to Australia would have an aircraft change – from the ER & New business class to the old 773, but refurbished.
    Sure be happy to share what i experience in 2 weeks.

    Feels a let down after the A380 return to SIN.

    However, the SQ office are very receptive down in Sydney ( a colleague knows the Corporate a/c Manager for SQ) so i will change the return flight if needed.


    Let me advise you all that the seating on the A330 (which SQ use into Brisbane, at least) is not lie flat. It is angled down. Not bad but not flat enough for them to claim “lie flat” status. I am planning a European trip next year and definately want lie flat in Business and I’m blowed if I know who has what these days even with seat guru.com. Not all aircraft types have the same seating and it can be the luck of the draw.


    Yes luckily my flight is on the refurbished 773 one a day SIN-SYD.
    the seat plan confirms this but with the 333 seating which is regional really.
    Very confusing when the Business seating can be one of 3 styles, & a cheat to have 1-2-1 0r 2-3-2, with angled, or lie flat. Not very reliable, especially when there i a mix on one route…so is it a Regional service at 8hrs?

    If i am unhappy i will see Singapore Airlines in the Sydney office n change my flights for the A380.
    At least there we get someone we can be face to face with, rather than cyber debating through emails etc.

    Sure will make a comment on the comparisons when have flown down there.


    What a mayhem! SQ, EK, TG… all these airlines are well-known to change their aircraft very spontaneously at the moment. Really, I do not want to excuse them–it is just unfair and absolutely disappointing to experience a totally different thing which you might have awaited for so long and then be brought back down to earth just instantaneously.
    For example, I always have a hint of going ballistic, when I fly with TG instead of the planned refurbished A330/B777–the old B747 or A300 will be used. Why do TG have to use those obsolete vechicles. This is also the problem with EK. When you are unlucky, you still have those dreadful C sits which are more suitable for Prem. Y. About CX since for a few months–they are not using B747 in the HKG- DPS with the new seats anymore, instead the regional seating of A330/B777. What happened? No more treat for your frequent pax CX? One time when I flew JL/JAL from NRT to DPS, they used a B747 which the C pax sat on full flat F seating ( older version–you still can experience them with OZ, TG, CI.. ) I called that a treat!


    We recently flew Cathay from Paris to Hong Kong-Sydney-Auckland. Stopping for several days in each place with a wonderful holiday in New Zealand. We flew business. I must say their system is great if you are alone. But with a friend conversation is impossible with the small sealed off “suites”. However the service was quite excellent, they addressed us by name on every flight the food & wine list excellent. I did notice the attitude was quite different between Paris & Hong Kong a then between Hong Kong & Sydney,even worse on my return between Auckland & Hong Kong direct. However we had to fly Sydney-Auckland on Qantas business. It was just awful, hideous. Rude crew, no service, bad attitude what a revelation. Cathay should fly this route too.


    SQ premium products have gone down hill since the refit. Uncomfortable seats than can only be changed by flight attendants are a pain. Ground service is bad and getting worse. You can see the cost cutting. The worst is fares MXP-SYD First SQ 7700 Euro EK 4400 Euro and no premium for the 380. Frankly the seat and service was better. They say it is difficult to be the Hunted well the best airline in the world is not more

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