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    Hi, to all.

    I have had many hours of pleasure reading all the Forums, and especially comments on SQ’s Business Class service on the Antipodean route.

    You might be interested to know that SQ are now OFFERING BUSINESS CLASS REWARD SEATS on their A380s to/from Sydney.
    In the past, THIS WAS UNHEARD OFF. However, perhaps, all the negative feedback has had some affect, because my son and I have now booked 4 flts Business Class mileage rewards tickets SIN-SYD-SIN-SYD-SIN.(All 380s).

    I would be interested to hear of any other FFs travels on this route.



    How many miles did they require. I am a Solitaire member for over 20 years and I am in a battle with them over Business class rewards out of San Francisco to asia, They only use the 777ER and charge for example 220,000 miles for a business class ticket, to HKG while all their partner companies charge 120,000 for a business class ticket.
    They say its because of the 777 aircraft, but Asiana, Thai, etc all now fly the 777, Singapore has good service but its not worth double the reward miles. I have switched half my business to Emirates and Cathay to Asia, as I fly close to 200,000 miles a year.I see no sense in giving a company my business and then when it comes time to redeem miles fly on someone else.
    Singapore doesnot seem to care about the business class or first class travelor when it comes time to give out anything free. They think they are far better than they are.As I have noticed a decline in service etc . Would be interested to hear from other flyers .



    Generally speaking SQ has lost it. Expensive, inconsistent service, loyalty programs mean nothing. I have switched to EK and LX good pricing and better service. No longer the best in the SKY


    I think it was only ever a matter of time until SQ offered award seats on the A380 and 773ER. After all, they do make something out of award seats rather than fly them empty. As in other threads, the C seats on these two aircraft have not been an overwhelming success, together with a significant deterioration in the soft product and fares that are at silly prices compared to the competition, from what I’ve seen loads are getting lighter in SQ premium cabins. Additionally, there are now reasonable choices if you want to fly on the A380 many of which offer better or comparable products and the 773ER was never special anyway and again, there are plenty of better seats on other carriers. Perhaps the most damning indictment on the C seat is that no other carrier has introduced anything even remotely similar!

    Of course, that would never be admitted and no doubt the current strategy is and always has been the right one as far as their blinkered management are concerned but those of us paying fares think a bit differently and enough premium pax are spending their money in other places these days.

    I have LPPS status – so lifetime. If I didn’t, I certainly wouldn’t qualify these days and wouldn’t even attempt to since the introduction of PPS value where you are told how much to spend to achieve status! Given that the PPS club is for their loyal and high spending customers, they’ve cut that back to the bone too and people like me who were once brand loyal spend a lot more money in other places these days than with SQ!


    To “flyingcanadian”,

    Are they offering the Business Saver fare on the SYD-SIN/SIN-SYD routes, or are they merely offering the Business Standard and Business Full fares?


    Flying Canadian – Stick to AC flights! There are no Saver Tickets available on SQ A380 flights. Its all standard or full fares.

    SQ still sucks as far as collecting and redeeming miles unless you can find a 777-regional business seat or the much loved 747 with saver tickets in all classes.

    Its a useless FF program, you get crap miles. Only use in combination with an AMEX card and then redeem miles in first or business on another Star Alliance carrier for half the points. Its a no brainer.


    Hi to all of you, and thank you for your comments.
    We do stick to AC EX YVR, as their Executive First is great and they have SAVER EXECUTIVE FIRST to/from SYD. It is only that we have to visit Singapore that we choose to fly SQ. The reward mileage is exactly the same with NO EXTRA for the A380 or 777ER.
    I read great comments on THAI via Bangkok, but that is an extra flight both ways.(Same mileage but longer flying times, and a change in BKK).
    We are using AC aeroplan reward miles. Did you read that the *A is increasing its mileage rewards this summer?
    A bit like HHonors a few years ago!!
    Enjoy your flights!


    Stephen Doyle: yes, no Saver Fares are offered for the SQ A380/777ER SYD/SIN routes.

    I booked 4 Business Saver SIN-SYD tickets on a 773 and upon reading Flyingcanadian’s comment, I was getting excited that they were now offering the Saver Fares for the A380/777ER flights and so I was going to change all my tickets but I guess not….oh well. I obviously misinterpreted the post.

    However, I have had issues with the Singapore Airlines online booking system. When I was booking those tickets on their website, the website did not indicate to me which Business Class seating configuration was fitted on the aircraft that was to operate my flight. The online booking system merely told me that my flight was to be operated by a 773, but it gave me two seating configurations for Business Class – either the 2-3-2, or the 2-2-2. It did not go further by informing me which of the two configurations my aircraft would be using.

    I found that really annoying, especially when there seems to be such disparity between the types of Business Class seats offered on different aircraft types (e.g. A380 compared to the 772). There is disparity even within the SAME aircraft type (e.g. the 773 has two Business Class configurations).

    I brought this to Singapore Airlines through their email complaint system and they have apparently forwarded it to the relevant department, but I have yet to hear from them. They merely referred me to some links on their website indicating the seat plans of the 773 aircraft but once again, none of those links illuminate which Business Class configuration my 773 flight would be using. Instead, they told me that I needed to contact them directly to find out this information – incredibly inconvenient and unsatisfactory. I understand that the aircraft is subject to change but I would like to know at any point in time, which configuration my aircraft is using, particularly at the time of booking.

    Anyway, I think this problem is confined to the 773 aircraft because there are two Business Class configurations (seats), but has anyone else had similar experiences with their online booking (or is it just me)?

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