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    Flew on the new SQ business class seat in November from SIN-HKG return on the 777-300’s and from SIN-SYD on A380.

    The seat certainly is wide and service from staff was good. During the day flights between SIN-HKG, the seat only reclines to a maximum of about 25 degrees. It was very uncomfortable. It will recline to 180 degrees only if you stand up and then bring the vertical part of the seat forward! Certainly, this is fine for an overnight flight when you want to sleep.

    However, for flights during the day, it is impossibly uncomfortable with the limited recline. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

    CX and Emirates must be laughing.

    Editors, why hasn’t this been reported properly?


    ChrisFreeman: the design of the Singapore Airlines seat to which you refer has been commented upon extensively and in detail in the travel press – both business and leisure.

    If you have ever flown Virgin Atlantic or Air New Zealand in their business class cabins, then you’ll know that they employ a similar arrangement to Singapore’s ‘flipper’.

    Some passengers receive this style of seat extremely warmly, as it tends to afford a flatter, longer sleeping surface within a given footprint.

    Others actively avoid such seats, as they do not suit their sleeping/slumping style, which demands a greater level of seat recline, most usually being a single continuous ‘while-still-seated’ conversion from seat to bed.

    As long as there are a significant number of passengers who prefer one arrangement over the other, then it’s likely that airlines will continue to develop seats which follow one style or the other.

    Cathay Pacific’s longhaul business class, for example, is marked down by some because it’s very narrow and lacks window-access, but marked-up because it has continuous recline. On Emirates, there are two completely different seat-pitch possibilities in their A380 J cabin – quite apart from the numerous J-seat variations across their fleet at large.

    I agree that some passengers may have to try each style to learn which they personally prefer, but I can assure you that the airlines themselves know precisely what their customers think and that’s what drives their decision to adopt a ‘flipper’ or ‘slumper’ format.

    Likewise, the travel press discusses this issue almost every time a new seat is launched.


    You certainly have one up on me as I have never seen such criticisms expressed. Can you direct me to the edition of Business Traveller Asia Pacific where this has been discussed.

    I find it difficult to believe that anyone on a day flight would find the seat comfortable.


    “SIA has gone back to basics in terms of the mechanics of the seating – it reclines electronically, but there are no massage, or lumbar support options, and it converts manually to a bed by flipping over the seat back to connect with the ledge. As with Virgin’s business class product, this means you have to get out of the bed to convert it, but I didn’t really see that as an issue.”


    Singapore Airlines A380 business class

    Published: 06/10/2008 – Filed under: Tried & Tested » Airlines » Features » Tried & Tested » Tried & Tested » Airlines » Singapore Airlines »


    To be fair, that article refers to having to stand up to recline the seat as not ‘being an issue’. My complaint is lack of recline when seated in a normal non-sleeping position. SQ seems to be getting away with this so far without comment (and I understand that they are looking to rectify this).

    In any event, I have no doubt that SQ will continue to win the J class awards. However, I’m going back to CX so at least I won’t have a sore back from sitting upright!


    i guess it highly depends on your own preference since i found cx’s longhaul business class very tight in the herringbone setting and would opt for sq’s wide seat.

    one thing to note: sq and cx both have a short-haul and long-haul business class seating. since some sin-hkg flights have onwards connection to the u.s., most of the fleet will have long haul seats (which may be less comfortable for the sin-hkg leg but is highly preferable for eg. sin-hkg-sfo).

    sq has just lauched a new lie-flat business class seats (and yes, it can do z position) for short haul which i think is the best in class. in comparison, cx’s short haul business class seats was last redesigned nearly 10 years ago.


    came back Business class from Brisbane a couple of weeks ago – over night from Brisbane , was asked immediately if We wanted supper or the breakfast option – I chose supper , was shocked that at breakfast was not even offered a cup of tea! (blurb in menu says they only offer one meals to allow passengers to sleep as long as possible on short flights (7.5 hours!) but not to offer teas because you have had supper tut tut SQ.
    I have been a great fan of SQ for decades now – this trip (All legs) have lacked the magic touch – the crew smiled a lot but not with the sincerity I remembered and enjoyed. Watch out SQ


    Thanks. I thought it was just me who was of the view that SQ’s current level of service was highly overrated. Check in at Sydney and Hong Kong last month took 20 minutes because SQ were understaffed at the business class counters. Yet, SQ keeps winning awards.

    I have had fantastic service in the last 12 months on CX international business from check in through to baggage collection.


    Wouldn’t it be great if SQ, as a result of declining service, actually got toppled by CX the next time the awards are given out!How would that be for a kick up the rear!


    Well it was Skytrax who named Cathay Pacific Airline of the Year 2009 at the World Airline Awards 2009 ceremony…and Air Transport World named Asiana Airline of the Year 2009…Qatar got the Travel Trade Gazette Airline of the Year 2009 award, and Virgin Atlantic Cargo got the Cargo Airline of the Year 2009 award…so SQ is not winning everything! They just have good marketing spin and are trading on a long-held reputation and slight mystique. It was just OAG that named Singapore Airlines Airline of the Year 2009.


    SQ aren’t the only ones with a supposedly effective ‘spin machine’ at their disposal. Just look at VS. But, all the spin & marketing in the world can’t help you if you’re a mediocre airline with mediocre food and mediocre crew. Passengers are going to wisen up pretty quickly and will abandon you in droves.
    I must admit, the recent negative publicity has put me off using them for my future trips to SE Asia and Oz. I think I might use Qatar or EK.


    Poor experiences on LHR-SIN-SYD return September & returning Nov.

    You need to seperate the 773-ER from the 773, especially the one refurbished with Regional seating business class on the overnight from SIN – Sydney. I had to roll up a blanket to pad the top & mid cushions where the gap was when the seat was angled out. It is NOT a flat bed, & God help you if you drop anything, as you have to lie flat on the floor elbow deep underneath into the shell that is sealed from all sides to retrieve anything!
    The seats are too low in the cabin, noise travels, no privacy between seats, & you can hear everything 3 rows in front of you or behind the whole flight, even a newspaper being turned. It is a badly designed cabin.
    There is a considerable thread on this already on BT…

    SQ have reduced meals so you EITHER get dinner or breakfast from SIN to all Australian routes, pretty stupid & it is putting many off. Desserts have been cut, the crews are presenting up-market ice cream, scooped from a large catering box in the galley, instead! This is causing continuing problems raised on here…They are treating Australian routes as regional, the same as SIN-HKG.
    This is a very grave mistake as once experienced they WONT fly this seat.
    I have had no explanations from the queries raised through the NSW Manager for SQ Craig, who did forward them onto Singapore.
    The same foodless lounges & meal standards applied on return 2 months later so these issues have not been addressed.
    I have raised these issues as in a different thread, with The Manager of SQ in NSW, in writing & directly. The issues were forwarded o Singapore…& no response has been received to either of us!

    I have to say though with a long haul flight, the new A380 seat is excellent overall, but i wont be using SQ down to Australia from SIN due to te meal cuts & varying seats & 4 different business cabins they now run. U pay for one product you expect it to be there.

    Perhaps, customers in Business take their own up market sandwiches when travelling SQ, so you can choose whether to eat or be hungry after a 9 hr flight, in the morning or evening.
    Perhaps when SQ see & it can be seen that customers are bringing their own food to ensure of nutrition & comfort, they will wake up.


    I just booked my ticket from LHR-SGN , and for the trip SQ want 2900£ for B777 service and 3100£ for the A380 service. But my choice was TG which only charge 2100£ . I think SQ is overpriced their product a lot and you dont get the value for the difference gap for the fare .


    I agree.

    SQ have also had seat sales (The BT search engine is petty good a tool to use), & i bought a seat in July LHR-SIN SYD return, Business, for £1912!

    This time before Xmas /New Year, all the Airlines appear to be charging high rates , even if you travel out of peak next year.

    There will be many offers when sales slump in January, & good deals around, on most airlines. I certainly had a choice to travel in Sept return Nov on CX, MH EK EY for around £1800 return to Sydney, in offers.

    I also gained the full miles enabling another one way back in Business, & earned added a VS Gold card in the process also!!

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