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  • icenspice

    I was completely flabbergasted when I discovered a smoking room in London. The Hilton Metropole, Edgware Road. I have never been there but did live just around the corner.

    I am certain there are still smokers on the forum, but in countries without the need for balconies, I believe it is a basic requirement for those of us who still do.


    I smoke and would say most Hotels I go to now are non smoking which does not bother me too much as its helped me cut down and move over to e-cigs more. I was staying at a place in LA and was shouted at from the ground by the security guard for having a puff on the balcony because the street was designated no smoking….I was 5 floors up, skulking in the corner with the room doors closed and it was dark…..i swear he must have had night-vision on! Ironicaly and typically CA people were openly smoking weed on the street corner. I guess the local ordinance only covered tabacco products


    As an avid non smoker (reformed) I disagree with you icenspice! If you want to stuff carcinogenic’s into your body thats perfectly fine, but dont do it at my expense or any other persons for that matter!

    I am totally against any establishment that is used by the public to allow smoking, I was in a hotel recently in Asia on a non smoking floor and the disgusting smell of cigarette smoke was coming through the air conditioning system, so its not contained and is very unpleasant indeed.

    So to counter your argument I believe its a basic requirement that all hotels are non smoking …. Sorry!


    Yes, K1ngston. I understand completely. When I was staying at my brother’s appartment in Manhattan, I got a sudden knock on the door from a definite witch complaining about smoke coming through the air con. It was July and very warm.

    However, if I pay Β£200-300 a night for a designated smoking room I don’t see what the problem is. Do you tend to loiter about hotel corridors?

    Thank God, I mainly travel south to hotels with balconies ???


    icenspice the amount of times I have got into trouble for loitering in hotel corridors… but thats not important now πŸ™‚

    If the room has a balcony I see your point and as for the point about the balcony in LA didnt you know they have “smoking police”?

    Small piece of advice in the US, smoke your cigarette through the barrel of an AK47 and you’ll be fine!!!


    ???????‍♂️?K1ngston, I will study in detail the hotel corridor later today. Best regards, Simon


    More than once I have checked into hotels in Asia and been given a smoking room, despite having requested non-smoking. I naturally returned immediately to the lobby on each occasion and asked for what I requested, and got it, though they sometimes seem puzzled and put out. But even entering a smoking room is horrible for me, I can tell instantly of course and the smell and smoke get in everywhere. No wonder we now see signs in non-smoking rooms saying “If you smoke in here you be charged $250 [or whatever] for deep cleaning”, I’m all in favour of that policy.


    People who go on and on about smoking are just brain-washed. The smell of smoke OUTDOORS is not a bad thing compared to other smells one can find outdoors. How about diesel buses running outside the lobby for 20 minutes? Nobody froths at the mouth about that. I could make a list. OTOH, smokers who are rude and stupid deserve to be punished … if there’s a ‘smokers’ ashtray’ and people leave cigarette butts on the ground, they should be arrested for littering. I always appreciate a place to have a cigarette … on a balcony, off a back door … and will patronize hotels who make an effort to keep my business. I must admit laughing out loud at Steve skulking in the corner of a dark balcony on the 5th floor and being yelled at by a security guard. People are just too weird.


    I have no problem with people smoking, but am of the persuasion that nobody should be allowed to smoke where their fumes might be inhaled by anyone else.

    This means I should not have to walk through a haze of smokers and their fumes when I enter or leave a restaurant, bar pub, railway station, airport, etc, whilst stepping over their detritus on the ground. Neither should I have to walk down the street behind someone trailing smoke.

    I agree that traffic fumes and so on are a worse problem, but they are to some degree a necessary evil and steps are being taken to reduce emissions from IC engines.

    I almost had a standup fight with a receptionist in a hotel in Madrid recently. I had requested, and was allocated, a non-smoking room, but when I walked into the room it was obvious that someone had smoked there recently as it smelt of both fresh and stale smoke. I called down to reception and he said : “Imposible, seΓ±or es una habitacion no fumadora y no se puede fumar.”

    On my request, he sent a minion up to inspect, it clearly being beneath his dignity to do so, and as she walked in, I could smell the stale cigarette fumes on her! Unsurprisingly, she said she couldn’t smell anything and what was my problem.

    After an argument which I could have done without, they moved me to another room which was satisfactory.


    For all the smokers out there, what complete JOY at arriving in LHR T3 last week to discover an AIRSIDE yes, AIRSIDE smoking section πŸ™‚
    COuldn’t believe my luck and as there was an experience panel of ‘rate this new addition to your travel experience’, couldn’t resist hitting the super happy smiley button at least 40 times and encouraging everyone else in the ‘cage’ to do the same.
    At least it was in the fresh air! Just in case its not well signed for anyone, its actually right by the bus departure section for T5.


    PerthWA – there are smoking areas at both Birmingham and Newcastle Airports in the UK. Both are accessed through bars and they are physically outside the building on balconies.

    As for smoking rooms – as smoker myself, I entirely agree that we should not pollute others. I always have a non-smoking room as it forces me to walk down to the lobby for a puff. Unless, of course, there’s a balcony, the door to the room is airtight and there is no possibility of me polluting the air of people in adjacent rooms. Given that those three factors are almost impossible to find, I inevitably find myself outside the lobby. And I then upset people like Capetonian…..with whom I also sympathise.

    I guess we are pariahs and will stay that way…

    One thing I have found odd is that in Europe sometimes suites are smoking, whereas the standard rooms aren’t, which is a bit weird.

    Hey ho. Safe travels all. Simon


    hueyjudy are you really saying that as a non smoker I am brainwashed… I am sure the tobacco you are smoking is of the “whacky” variety if thats what you think… πŸ™‚

    If you want to smoke that’s your basic human right, if you want to continue to kill yourself that is also your basic human right, what isn’t your right and to my point I don’t want to see it, smell it or have to try and avoid it, as its my basic human right to not be contaminated by yours or any other persons smoking habit!

    And before you ask, yes I am an ex smoker, and yes I smoked excessively for years and yes I became very ill and had to stop to survive 16 years ago. Maybe I am brainwashed but am here to tell the tale …….

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