Smoking in terrace restaurants of major known brand hotels hotels….

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  • Swissdiver

    Independent, esselle, they already are autonomous.

    Spain has 17 autonomous regions (and two autonomous cities) in the sense that they have local government but ultimately depend on the Madrid central governments in national affairs. Catalunya is seeking independence from Madrid, and breaking away from the Spanish state.

    Not Catalunya, capetonianm, some in Catalunya, and not the majority (yes, I know the result of the local elections, but the electoral systems is detrimental to the Provincia de Barcelona – 74% of the population but only 63% of the seats – there are more separatists outside of Barcelona).

    Now back to our topic…

    While public health is of course important, so is freedom. Banning smoking inside makes sense, but outside, it is ridiculous, I think, as the health benefits are marginal. Let the market do.


    Banning smoking inside makes sense, but outside, it is ridiculous,

    As a frequent visitor to Ireland I marvel at the ingenuity of publicans, and how they’ve managed to circumvent legislation by creating semi-permanent structures that, in some cases are more luxurious than the actual pub itself.

    Whether it be dilapidated double decker buses, human Polly tunnels or man caves on steroids these smoking havens seem to be a common sense approach that keeps everyone happy.

    Or so you’d think, many a time I’ve cursed my healthy lifestyle as I stand with my Guinness in the clean air listening to loud laughter and craich echoing through the clouds of smoke , almost like a spell drawing you into their cauldron of decadent devil may care rituals

    Thankfully these work rounds are illegal in Scotland and as such I know that the happy smokers are going to return to the melancholy of the healthy lunged brigade


    Banning smoking inside makes sense, but outside, it is ridiculous, I think, as the health benefits are marginal.

    My issue with banning smoking in covered roofs open side, outside areas has nothing to do with health – purely on the basis of being forced to smell and inhale smoke, whilst trying to enjoy a meal – and yes if eye shades would take the smoke smell away I would wear them.


    I recall some considerable number of years ago travelling on a Chinese airline back in the day when most local passengers were puffing away for most of the flight (only pausing occasionally to hawk and spit on the floor, as I recall). As I checked in and was handed my boarding pass, I suddenly remembered this, and asked if I could be allocated a non-smoking seat. The stony-faced lady behind the desk took back my boarding pass without uttering a word, ferreted around on her desk, and found a rubber stamp which she applied to my boarding pass – “Non-Smoking Seat”. Hey presto! My own personal no-smoking zone, precisely the size of my seat…

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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