Smoking in rental cars

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  • Papillion53

    Judynagy – you are certainly not naive and that’s not what I meant 🙂

    I am glad you are an optimist as I like to think I am as well.

    You’re right no one likes to be told what to do – and I am sure there are solutions to keep both “sides” happy, but as you said its the inconsiderate smokers who don’t adhere to their smoking areas, chuck their butts on the ground etc. that infuriate us non-smokers.

    Smoking is a serious health risk and I think the message that it is so, is failing miserably when you see the high number of young people smoking these days.


    Just to get this off my chest – a very close friend is currently in a Cardiac Care Unit in an NHS hospital. It is apparently his right to be able to request a nurse to wheel him to the front door of the hospital for a smoke!

    I dont think I belong to a PC brigade, its just plain D A F T !!!

    (Simon, please take note, but this is not part of my “giving up smoking course”)


    Martyn, this indeed sounds daft. BUT, it’s a quality of life issue. Why should your friend be unhappy and anxious during this harrowing time of his life?

    Everyone should try to think outside the box when it comes to personal behaviours. I believe that understanding breeds tolerance.

    An example; let’s see if I can communicate this clearly: Maybe I could stop smoking right now and add five years on to my lifespan. There is no reason for me to do this if I spend the rest of my life miserable and anxious, is there? I’d rather have my natural lifespan and be happy.

    Of course, NONE of us should be smoking in rental cars or hotel rooms, no matter how old we are.


    Hi Simon

    Being very candid on the subject I am a former smoker and currently inbetween cigaretes. I last smoked on the 28th January 2001 and have assured my family that I will never give up smoking again!!

    I openly admit to being a “holier than thou” former smoker, hate the smell of smoke on my clothes and strongly object to having to suffer smokers residue in my face when walking in fresh air.

    By all means let people smoke (I believe there should be smokers pubs), but not within the immediate vicinity of any public building, which includes outside Terminal 3 at LHR (and not within the confines of a hopsital or hospital buildings).

    Kind regards from a very smoke free environment (although I am slightly horrified that Disney allow smoking in some of their parks).



    I think it is good to ban smoking in rental cars. No such activities should be performed during travelling.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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