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  • AboveTheClouds

    I recently booked from LHR to LAX back in February with SkyLux, and my flights went smoothly.

    When I started checking online, everywhere was bloody expensive!! I kind of had an idea it would happen since it was last minute. I came across their website on Google and was at first skeptical because the prices were unreal. But I called anyway and the agent who answered my call (Simon) had a little European accent but spoke good English. He also assured me that they are based in SF. After taking about 10 minutes to check for the best flight options he sent me an e-mail with some options… One of the options was on American Airlines and the price was $3900. Again, I was thrown off at the price because this was over $6k online. Simon assured me they are real and I could confirm tickets with AA.

    Although I was a little hesitant about booking it at first, I still decided to go for it since they accepted credit cards and in the worst case scenario I would have just called my bank to dispute the charges. About an hour after booking it I received an e-mail with the e-ticket, confirmation number and receipt. I also logged into using my confirmation # and everything was confirmed, including the window seats I had asked for.

    The trip went as planned and I did not have any surprises at all… I even accumulated my miles on my British Avios. Will definitely recommend them to anyone.


    It sounds like we all need to eat some humble pie. My question though is: “how do they do it”. Also: DON’T tell anyone because it might get spoiled… 🙂 And why the weird address at a UPS store in SFO?


    SQ does not allow redemption on F Suit, no way. Redemption allowed only in normal F.
    In USA, there is another company called “I fly business” offer very good deal using miles barter system. It seems okay.


    And I thought I was the only one having booked with SkyLux Travel!

    AboveTheClouds, I’m glad everything went smooth for you as I’m looking forward to my trip from LHR to SIN, leaving in two weeks. I’m flying SQ on Business and I got the ticket for $4,900..while the same flight was around 8 Grand everywhere else!

    I was also a bit paranoid about booking with them at first, but being given the SQ confirmation number and checking my booking online plus the fact that they accept credit cards made me realize I had nothing to lose and I went for it.

    Besides, a few days after the initial booking I discovered that I have to postpone my trip by one week, and I even got it exchanged free of charge! Their service was just as good as their pricing and I’m definitely doing more business with SkyLux in future.


    Hmm, still skeptical. Only two positive posts so far. Both new posters. Both posted numerous messages on different threads. Both posted all their messages on the same day.


    I’m with you WeeTravels, all these new posters suddenly raving about these people? You don’t get Avios on redemption flights apart from anything else. I’ve got a West Coast US trip I need to book soon and I’ll be going through my usual channels to book.


    @ FCW 20/03/2014 12:19

    “Many people have travelled this way with no problem and I must admit, it does sound tempting”. (in connection with miles bartering….)

    if nothing else, ask your travel insurer whether this kind of ticket meets the terms and conditions of a scheduled/commercial/charter flight TICKET…

    Then check with the airline and what they will require to see, IF, the flight needs changing…

    You will then know whether to go down this route or not…..


    Interesting to see I have a link to SkyLux as an ad on this forum now…..


    Dear users,
    We’ve been notified about several questions from this forum users, and decided to provide some additional information trying to address your concerns.
    The core business of Skylux Travel is still the regular tickets, which are the same tickets customers would get by buying from Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz and other online travel agencies – these are absolutely the same seats in the plane, we can just book them for you at a lower price. Most of the tickets we offer are highly discounted, meaning some airlines and consolidators (ticket wholesalers) we work with give us discounts from their published tariffs to fill in empty seats in the plane or to promote a new or a less popular route. Not always we can guarantee a lower price than online, especially for low cost carriers, but we do so in 80% of the cases, especially if you want to fly with 4- or 5-star airlines, which are usually the most expensive ones and harder to get seats with. Some of our contacts allow to do upgrades from a lower booking class to a higher one (economy to business, business to first) which cannot be done online, which is another way how we also reduce cost of business or first class tickets for our frequent travelers.

    How do we manage to get these seats cheaper than you can get online? Well, naturally, this information is confidential and cannot be disclosed online to general public per our agreements with our providers and not to compete with their own online low fares promises,a dn not to reveal the best secrets of our business. This is also why all the essential details are originally provided over the phone only, and later via an online itinerary and a secure booking form. If our customers have their own miles, we are always glad to give them consulting advises on how they can use their own miles. However, reward seats are normally hard to find for the average consumers, and our advises include full research, informing customers of what routes they look to find these reward seats, where they can accrue more miles and how to better use them if any special discounts or promos are available, confirm seat availability and make the booking. In return, we charge them a small service fee for our consultation. There’s completely no reason for airlines to deny your ticket when you’re using your own miles. However, the vast majority of our business are still the regular tickets, which are able to accrue miles. Besides, we provide full ticket protection, meaning that there’s no way you can ever get stuck in the airport. We can always exchange your ticket or re-route your flight even a few hours before the flight if circumstances occur (when flights are canceled by airlines, strikes in airport, weather conditions or force major cases, like the volcano eruption in Iceland), or even provide a full refund for unused tickets if travel plans change.

    As some users in this forum already stated, all our tickets are legit and confirmed tickets – and they can be verified online through the airline’s websites or major GDS systems. We’ve been in travel business for over 10 years now, but have launched a separate project to serve our business and first class travelers in a better way. During the first decade, we’ve already booked over 2000 tickets and we continue to grow. Right now we offer bookings from four countries: the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK, however, we are not limited to these only. Our loyal clients use our services to travel worldwide from any city to any city, accruing miles and saving on every next flight. Our agents all have years of experience and are mostly independent travel agents who may work for several travel companies in the US and EU as well as have their own loyal customers. We provide them with access to our private contracts and booking tools, so they can assist any client with all the best products on the travel market – any services they might need whether an airfare, a hotel booking or car rental. If you are still not sure whether to use our services or not, feel free to call us toll-free and get additional information from one of our live travel managers and compare the quotes with online travel deals.

    Skylux Travel is a service-oriented company that strives to create a remarkable travel experience for every customer. We appreciate any feedback, whether positive or negative, which encourages us to improve more, to deliver crucial cost savings and consistent professional service every step of the way. Thank you for your feedback, and we will keep expanding our services and products in the nearest future.



    I would imagine that you are delighted with the attention your company has received, allowing you to produce an ‘infomercial’ by way of reply.

    It’s good to read an entry from someone at the heart of the organisation, rather than an over polished PR spiel, but maybe a little more attention to spelling, grammar and poor sentence endings would raise the corporate cache.

    Having attracted the attention of the readers and writers on the form, all you have to do is to deliver and make them happy. Simply – say what you do and do what you say.

    I wish you and your travellers all the best and look forward to seeing the direction of the thread move from question to positive affirmation.


    SKYLUXAnswer – Disclosure of your financial backers, financial statements and related corporate information would be appreciated.

    Could you also confirm your corporate address so that I can run a credit report on your company for the benefit of readers.

    Many thanks.


    Hi Guys,
    I used them business class melbourne to shanghai return in April. At first like you was sceptical but decided to take a punt and try them. Got to say they were great. All correspondence via email- ( I dealt with Silvester) Got a really good discount- Departed on Singapore Airlines returned on Air China. He offered sveral different itenaries. Didn’t have any issues at all.


    Hi all, I have to agree with tigerland and others, I have used them a couple of times UK to Aus and return they were fantastic I have got on really well with one of their advisors could not be more helpful and it is what it says, cheap flights at Business and First Class.

    Will definitely use them again and also recommend them


    I’m assuming you have to phone them, as their website seems to be rather hopeless !


    BT could you book a flight via SkyLuxTravel then do a review sometime in the very near future preferably before I spend some of my hard earned cash with ebookers? 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 280 total)
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