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    Hi all, has anyone any experience of using SkyLuxTravel, they were seen advertising on BT recently and seem to have some very good business fares , appreciate any comments from those in the know.


    Would be very interesting to hear reviews as I have just had a look on their site and they seem to offer very good prices.


    One of the first things I look for when researching a new supplier’s website is what their website says about themselves.

    There is no office address or anything else in terms of business credibility…

    I am sure I once sat next to a travel agent who said she or her colleague used the handle “Gin&Tonic” going to Asia about a year ago… a travel agency in Berkshire I recall….


    How funny, this is something I’ve wanted to post about but didn’t want to scare myself. I have booked a FIRST SUITES trip with Singapore Airlines using SkyLux. The ticket is booked and I have confirmed with Singapore Airlines. All monies have been taken from my account, so it’s a case of waiting and seeing, my trip isn’t for a while yet. The service was good and thorough. I had a ‘wobble’ as it seemed too good to be true, having saved around 50%. Does BT ask for any verification from it’s advertisers?


    Interesting post. I agree with Martyn, first thing i do on a site is look for the presentation and quality of the information I’m looking at then some sort of indication of reliability/credibility.

    Once into digging into some fares they look great (and I’m sure they are) but i can’t click on anything to get a bit more information which puts me off slightly.

    I must say though some very lucrative fares…


    I checked the website out and there is a mailing address on their website:

    268 Bush Street # 4229
    San Francisco
    CA 94104

    After some more checking, the above address is a mailing address for 92 companies but Skylux travel is not listed although they advertise in Yellow Pages as well using the same address, and there is hardly any information on them at on the web in terms of reviews etc, so does seem a bit fishy.


    I booked using a credit card so am covered to a certain degree. It will be a shame to find out at Check In that I’ve been a sucker for a deal. As I said I’ve called the airline and they say it’s all in order but I still have a few butterflies.


    What type of thing were you looking for Martyn.

    I can see an address, numerous phone numbers, Skype contact, email address on their website. Their agents are listed on the ASTA website.

    Plus they accept Visa, MC etc so your risk is limited?


    You may want to check out this website regarding info on this sight.

    I would monitor the spend on the card used to make sure no unexpected charges show up on your card. The thing sounds dodgy to me. Have you verified with the airline the ticket is paid for? Ask for your ticket number from the airline.


    Sounds like a you’ve found the internet equivalent of the old fashioned bucket shops that traded so successfully in the 70s and 80s


    I am always suspicious when company details, such as office addresses and Director names are not easily found on websites. A website should provide the customer /client with sufficient information to answer all questions.

    I have a weakness for high end watches and many US websites offer discounts for branded watches. I do not feel at all comfortable dealing with someone “blind” for items costing in excess of 5 figures, without websites detailing, names, addresses, telephone numbers of the company and Directors..

    If a company is bone fide, they will not hide there details.

    I have recently fallen out with a GM of a hotel where I am/was a regular guest. This GM does not feel it is right to communicate via email as he does not want his guest to have his email address.

    I am not saying Skylux are shady, I just choose to do business with companies and people who use communications, not hide from communications and contact…………..


    The Privacy statement is not certified by TRUSTe or similar. Their Facebook presence was crested in Dec 2013 and they have yet to tweet from their Twitter account.

    The Norton Secured (Versign) logo on the footer of the site is not clickable.


    A major factor for me when I look at suspicious websites/companies/e-mails etc, is the grammar. I steer clear if anything is not perfect. I think any legitimate company would have perfect English grammar in all correspondence and literature. Maybe that’s just me though.


    Out of interest, having seen this thread, I looked at their website. It’s a nice website, works well, and offers remarkably low fares. Or seemingly so – you can’t book online and have to call them up.

    So I called and have been speaking to a freakishly charming guy who claims to be in the US and has an American accent.

    Anyway, he took all the details of my itinerary and went off to try and find a price… when he called back the penny dropped: this is a miles-barter service. To get anywhere like the prices quoted online, they book the ticket with frequent-flier miles. God knows where they get them from, but it explains his previous comment that “Getting one seat at this price is normally possible but 3 is very hard.” Presumably that’s because finding three award seats is hard.

    Anyway I said no way, and he said he’ll look for revenue fares instead… out of interest I said OK and I’ll see if he comes back with anything reasonable.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 280 total)
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