Singapore Airlines B777-300ER (Config.1)

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    I arrived early at Pudong International Airport Terminal 2 around 1000 hours for my flight departing at 1350 hours. Reason for early arrival at the airport was after having heard of anticipated massive traffic jam along the inter-city expressways due the mass migration of the locals travelling back to their home town for the Chinese New Year Holidays.

    What I don't like about flying SQ in this airport is that there is no provision for early check-in for those who turn up early. A pre check-in lounge would be nice. I found out that the commencement of checking-in would be 1150 hours which was 2 hours before the flight.

    I waited for checking in time at one of the cafes in the mezzanine floor until it was about the scheduled time for checking in. By then, the check-in counters were crowded. The business counters had quite a queue length. I really don’t know where to queue for first class passengers but I squeeze into pass business class queue and headed for the first class check-in counter where a group of 3 were waiting for boarding passes to be issued. The welcome mats (placed in front of check-in counters) looked aged and in need of replacement – not very welcoming.

    When turn came, I asked the counter staff when did they start to check-in passengers and I was told that they commenced checking in at 1130 hours. I applauded that they did the right thing to start the check-in process earlier than scheduled.

    The immigration clearance took a while with no express lane for business class or first class passengers. For security checks, there was an express lane for premier passengers which provided quick clearance.

    The lounge allocated was operated by Air China near gate 71 on the mezzanine floor which was not far from the security screening area. The lounge provided separated areas for first class passengers and business class passengers. Lounge was quite decent. Meals can be ordered from the menu. There was also a self-service simple buffet spread. The only setback was that the fruits offered were cut fruits in small pathetic plastic cups kept in the fridge. They don’t look fresh.

    As there was no boarding announcement, I walked to gate 81 around 1325 hours for boarding after checking with the reception that boarding has commenced. When I arrived at the boarding gate, most passengers had already boarded the plane. When I board the plane, I was welcome at the door entrance by an air stewardess. The welcome wasn’t that warm. After seeing my boarding pass, she then address me by my name and led me to my seat 1F.( on seeing my name in the boarding pass). This was a few notches down from my previous boarding experience with SQ where the IFS personally welcome me which was very warm and he could address me by name without seeing my boarding pass even though I have not seen him before and with a nice touch of helping me with my bags. What a world of difference, same airline, same flight, same class but on a different day with a mark difference in service.

    Two types of champagne were available for welcome drinks. Krug Grande Cuvee and Dom Perignon Brut. I selected my usual drink which was Krug.

    I noticed that first class cabin was filled to the brim. Seating configuration is 1-2-1. I supposed the seats are the “new first class”. I noticed that the blankets were not given out. On asking, one of the FA took out the blanket which was stored in a compartment beside the IFE screen.

    For this flight, no amenities kits were given out. I did not take notice of the exact pushed back time but the actual take-off was slightly delayed. After taking off, slippers, eye masks and leg warmers) were issued. Other amenities such as toothbrushes, body lotion, shaving kits were in the washrooms. It would have been nice if lip gross were available.
    I was unhappy that the IFE control wasn’t user-friendly. I am not sure if it was me, but to me it is the most user-unfriendly IFE control that I ever used. I ended up not watching any movie.

    Meals orders followed. It was to be for lunch I am told. I asked lunch to be served close to evening time to be taken as dinner as I have already had lunch in the airport lounge.

    Dinner for me was:

    Appetiser : marinated scallops with grilled vegetable salad and lemon thyme vinaigrette
    Soup: Broccoli with prawns
    Main course: Baked cod fillet with caper-tomato sauce served with buttered vegetables and pasta
    Dessert: Warmed stone fruit crumble pie with vanilla ice-cream and raspberry coulis
    Cheese: a selection served with garnishes

    Overall, this flight was uneventful. The widely acclaimed superior cabin service was delivered. Warm and friendly service was not felt. I did not know who the IFS was as he or she did not introduced himself or herself.

    Review courtesy of Original review by user TS-Andy can be found here


    “This was a few notches down from my previous boarding experience with SQ where the IFS personally welcome me which was very warm and he could address me by name without seeing my boarding pass even though I have not seen him before and with a nice touch of helping me with my bags”.

    This is an enjoyable and useful review. I am curious though, how is it that the IFS is meant to know who you are if they have never met you and they don’t read the boarding pass?


    They didn’t recognise you ! Should they have ? Would I ?


    Hi Alex_Fly, I was the last passenger to board the first class cabin. Obvously, the IFS must have gathered from the list who was the last passenger to board.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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